One World Episode 11: Kim Domination

One World Episode 11: Kim Domination

Welcome back to Survivor: One World, which we may as well just call “Kim’s World.” Is she the most dominant female player we have ever had on Survivor? She is a strategic mastermind. Every single person out there trusts her. And to top it all off, she wins challenges! Kim for President!

So, of course after tribal Troyzan is upset because he knows he’s a target and it’s still him versus everyone. At this point he must be cursing Jay for revealing his plan back when he actually had an idol he could have used to get someone out. Oh well, so much for that.

Then we hear from mastermind Kim, who says she wasn’t planning on being a target so early on. Yet she says she is just trying to stay calm, keep everyone happy, and get rid of Troy. Her ability to stay calm actually is pretty amazing and I think it is a large part of what makes her such a great player. For me, when I was being targeted, I completely freaked out and needed to run around and scramble and find a way to stay in the game. Kim is the complete opposite. She just stays completely calm and level-headed and doesn’t let anything phase her. I guess it’s partially because she knows she has her minions following her every direction so she knows she’s never at risk (whereas I was ALWAYS at risk).

Then we have one of those super fun reward challenges where everyone has to call out other members of the group. It’s so Bachelor Pad, I love it. I wish Survivor would pull from Bachelor Pad’s mean questions and not only ask things like, “Who does not deserve to be here?” (Group consensus is Christina), but also things like “who has the worst boob job?” Would’ve loved to hear the answer to that.

These types of challenges are always very telling, not only in the answers that are given but also in whose ropes get cut. The question is asked “who would you trust with your life?” Group answer is Kim. That’s a pretty big clue as to who people might vote for come a final tribal council. “Who needs a wakeup call in life?” Everyone says Kat. Ouch. But true, right?

Then, Chelsea becomes the first girl out of the challenge (meaning her doll-sized replica goes up in flames – harsh). If I were Chelsea, this might worry me. In a question & answer challenge in Vanuatu, I was the first girl out and even though we weren’t answering questions about one another, it certainly let me know where I stood with the group. I was pissed.

“Who is biggest poser?” Group says Troyzan. Where do they come up with these questions? I’d much prefer “Who do you think will die alone?” type questions.

“Who does the least for the tribe?” The group says Sabrina! Ouch. That should be worrisome for Sabrina as well as the fact that Kim subsequently knocks Sabrina out.

“Who would you most like to he stranded with?” Even Kim says herself. She's right. Another hugely positive sign for the Kim-master..

“Who do you hope to nev

er see again after the game?” Troyzan. Kim is right and Kim wins reward.

Winning a reward challenge is always a mixed blessing. I was lucky enough to win some group and even a couple individual reward challenges, but amazingly I was never put in the position of having to choose anyone to come with me. (The family visit challenge, no one else got a loved one at camp and the car challenge, the 2nd and 3rd place finishers just got to come on the overnight automatically). It is so hard to make the right decision in a circumstance like that. It’s almost better to not win at all (as I think Kim realized this episode). You don’t want to leave behind someone who is going to be very upset with you who will then ally with your enemies while you’re gone, but then again, you don’t want to snub your friends and have them upset with you, like Kat was when Kim didn’t choose her.

Kim ultimately chooses Alicia and Chelsea.

Kat cries. She claims she doesn't want to be weak or a follower. Troy tries to get in her head. It seems like it’s not impossible because she does say she will vote Kim out if she has to, but I think he takes it a little too far with her. She seems pretty delicate. However, I think at this point, there’s nothing he could have done to stay in the game any longer and no one who would have flipped.

Well, except maybe Christina who seems willing to flip in one minute. Kat tells Kim she is furious and doesn't have anything to say. Kim says she was planning to take her.

Kim then has the audacity to say it is her worst day out there and she wishes she hadn’t won. Oh gosh, Kim, we all feel SO sorry for you. Let’s have a pity party for Kim. Seriously. Poor girl. She is headed towards winning a million bucks and just won an awesome food reward challenge. Don’t complain about that to someone you did NOT take on a reward. Kim’s worst strategic move yet.

Then out of nowhere there is a huge pig at camp. Pigs on survivor, truly the bane of my existence. I loved that they broke out the clown music for the chasing of the pig, though. Brought me right back to Vanuatu.

Then we have the slip n slide, grease covered immunity challenge for our male-viewer’s viewing pleasure. And Kim wins again. Kim swept the episode. Unreal. This hasn’t happened in a while. Sophie was the last female to win two challenges in one episode and I think Amanda was the last to win a reward and immunity in the same episode.

Troy fought until the last minute. He played so hard. Unsurprisingly, though he went home anyhow. Sad but inevitable. I had fun watching him. I always love to see a huge Survivor fan (like me) make it deep into the game. Congrats on a good game, buddy. Maybe next time.

I hope you’ll all join me next week for my recap of Survivor One World. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’m always tweeting about reality TV.

Signing off for now, with Kimsanity, xoxo, Eliza.



  • Tz

    “Bachelor Pad’s mean questions” you would love that attention whore show full of self centered 2 dollar no brain stripper whores. if they had those questions on your season your question would be: “who has a long weirdly malnourished looking face with fish eyes pooping out and the mannerisms of a meth addict on withdrawal who speed talks and wont STFU?” – you, answers everyone!

    • Es

      What is wrong with you. I won’t stoop to you’re level by name calling but it’s obvious you are a sad, lonely, little man.

  • Kevin Tomac

    I think your giving kim too much credit for being a smart player on a season full of dumbasses. I just don’t have kimsanity unfortunately. I still don’t think she is in the same league as parvati or cirie yet. I want to see her on all stars and see if she can at least to the final 4 again. yeah

  • Es

    Well Kim has to start burning bridges now that Troy is out. She will be seen as the architect of everyone’s demise which can be tricky if you have a bitter jury. Will the guys on the Jury reward her game play or vote against her because she beat them.

  • Scott Zicherman

    seems like mixed up troyzan for tarzan. Many answers were Tarzan not Troyzan

  • SnideSnidington

    I still contend that Kim is being overrated. She is a good player, maybe even a great player, but this is undoubtedly one of the worst seasons of game players of all time. I would have to see how well she does her second time around before I anoint her as the most dominant female of all time.

    • Jasssi

      Think about the stupid fans parvati played against in micronesia. Do good players make their opponents look dumb or is their only a dominent player in seasons with a weak cast? Everyone thought people from Thailand were dumb due to Brian’s dominence.

  • SoulSurvivor

    Kim may be in the top 5 of women dominant players. I think that the #1 spot goes Stephanie LaGrossa, #2 Parvati, #3 Kim, #4 Amanda, #5 Jenna Morasca. These are the 5 people that come to mind that played to win.

  • Erinlemaire

    let me tell you i’m not happy kim won immunity, why can no one ever get rid of her. Go Christina and alicia.

  • anon

    I don’t know why you are giving Kim a hard time for saying it was her worst day and that she wishes she hadn’t won. She had to say what she had to say to do some damage control with Kat. How was that even a bad strategic move?

  • Nathan

    I’ve loved Kim from the start, but I think that this is just like redemption island where Boston Rob played with a cast full of boneheads. If anyone other than Kim wins the season I’ll feel really letdown. I don’t know about you but I’m really tired of seeing casts full of idiots with one or two smart people who have actually seen the show .

  • James S

    I don’t understand why you’re upset with Kim for saying her winning the reward challenge was a bummer when you also said earlier hat she shouldn’t have done it. Really hypocritical of you as a writer.