One World Episode 12: Blindsides are FUN!

Eliza Orlins recaps Thursdays episode!

One World Episode 12: Blindsides are FUN!

Welcome back to Survivor: Kim’s World where Kim is still totally running the show. We start out the episode hearing from her that she feels physically relieved that Troyzan is gone.

But now here we are, just a short while from the end game, and it is clear that people are starting to seriously consider their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in front of the jury. Alicia says Christina answers questions and makes herself look stupid in front of the jury so she’s a good person to keep around, but says Sabrina is a threat. Alicia also says she’s the most powerful person in this game, so it’s unclear whether we can take anything she says seriously. However, I think we can all agree that Sabrina is incredibly well spoken. That does make you a threat in a very big way. But not everyone can be Kat out there, not even if we tried.

Then the tribe gets treemail and it is the family visit episode! This is always my favorite episode of the season. I love the family visit. When I competed to win the visit from my mom, I have almost never wanted anything so badly before in my life. And when I actually WON the visit from my mom, well I just about died of excitement.

Someone tweeted last night: “The 1 thing I will never understand about #survivor is why the castaways get so emotional during family visit It’s 40 days #ivacationlonger.” It is a hard thing to explain to people who haven’t been through the show. I am often away from my family for more than forty days at a time, but somehow, when you’re on Survivor, it is completely different. You are so psychologically and emotionally and physically drained while being on the show. You are surrounded by people who are constantly playing a game. You feel you can’t be yourself and that no one else is being their true self around you. Even though you’re surrounded by people 24 hours a day, you feel completely alone. That’s the best way I can describe how it feels. So, when someone you love and trust with all your heart shows up out there, you just break down. All you want is to be hugged by someone who you know loves and supports you. It is a feeling like none other. So, that’s why you see all the tears.

I cry every time I even watch a family visit episode. This time we had Sabrina’s brother, Alicia’s sister, Chelsea’s dad, Kim’s sister, Kat’s cousin, and Christina’s dad who recently had a kidney transplant, and Tarzan’s wife.

Then they all compete alongside their family members. We had a challenge in Vanuatu where we had to direct our blindfolded family members to get puzzle pieces and it was NOT easy. At least here no one was blindfolded. Well it comes down to Kim or Kat for the win and Kat wins it.

Before the challenge we heard from Sabrina who says she would take Tarzan and she hopes people aren’t selfish.

Well, instead of taking Tarzan, Kat decides to take Kim (who didn’t take her on the last reward) and Alicia (who also went on the last reward). Kat’s decision just lost her any possible jury votes she could have even possibly gotten. Even if you want to have a good time with your friends, you should never take your two closest allies and leave four people behind. Four is greater than three, sweetie.

While on the reward Kim weighs her options with her sister who is just like her and thinks that bringing Alicia and Kat is her best option. Unfortunately her allies back at camp have other ideas. Sabrina is pissed because Kat is a bratty 22-year-old and wants to vote her off. Also, Troy whispered “you can do it” to Kat on his way out and Chelsea has interpreted this to mean that the guys are on her side.

Then we get to the immunity challenge, which is a cool and different endurance challenge and Jeff doesn’t offer food for the girls to drop out. (Sidenote: Why aren’t the girls even skinny? By the time there were eight days left, I was a skeleton!) Then Sabrina has a terrible showing in the challenge and drops before Tarzan even does. In retrospect, it made her seem like less of a threat, but she really could have been on the chopping block! Then other people keep dropping like flies and saying it’s because their fingers hurt. I mean, COME ON! This is Survivor! Your life is on the line. You stay up until you literally cannot hang on for one second longer. I have to give Kat and Kim major respect there. They are both tough competitors.

So Kim wins it and Kat is a poor sport about it. Shocker. She’s only 22. Wait a second. Wasn’t I 21 when I was on the show? Wasn’t Todd? Wasn’t Jenna? Were any of us terrible sports after we lost challenges? I don’t think so. I’m sorry but being 22 is not an excuse. Then she went on to call 28 old, which I also did not appreciate.

Then back at camp we see Kim pushing for Sabrina to go, but basically everyone else pushing for Kat to go, except Tarzan who is just waiting to be told who to vote for. I felt like I really didn’t know who was going home based on editing this episode. I kind of loved it.

Then during tribal, Kat proclaims that blindsides are fun! They are exciting! Oh, are they Kat? In a Colton-like twist of fate, Kat herself falls victim to a blindside. Sorry I’m not sorry.

She was tearful in her final words, but it seemed she was more upset that Christina and Tarzan were still there than the fact that she herself had been voted off.

Were you glad to see her go? Did she get what was coming to her? Will the women pick off another one of their own next or will Tarzan finally go home?

I hope you’ll all join me again next week for my recap of Survivor. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’m always tweeting about reality TV. Signing off for now, with FUN blindsides, xoxo, Eliza.

Comment below and tell me if you think the women will vote off Tarzan next!



  • Kim Purgit Martin

    I absolutely LOVED it when they voted her off. HeeHee!!!!!

  • Antoine Harris

    I could not help but feel sorry for her. Yeah she was bratty, immature, and completely clueless, however to see her heart break like that was hard. It was like she just realized nobody liked her. On another note, I think Kim is making a bunch of mistakes lately. She should have let Kat win that challenge. Also, she should not have won the reward challenge last week. The target on her back is so big I bet you can see it on the moon. I predict Kim will not win this season.

  • Ben Stacey

    I had enjoyed Kat and all her interesting word usements, but it was time for her to go. It was a great tribal council and it was fun and exciting to see her blind sided. Although I have to admit feeling a little bad for her.
    I was amazed that Tarzan was not even a consideration to go home. It’s as if the women have forgotten that he is around. I actually think that he may make it to the end as the women all turn on each other. Hmmm… wasn’t there another season where there was one man left with five strong women? And he he won the game.
    It would be a miracle if Tarzan won but would frankly be hilarious.
    I do think that Kim has played a great game, although I liked her more at the beginning. She does deserve to win if she makes it to the end. The only other potential threats that I can see winning are Sabrina and Chelsea. Sabrina is well spoken as you pointed out, and Chelsea is too and she has not pissed anyone off.
    Love hearing the views of former players. Great recap.

  • Susan

    I LOVED being your loved one!

    Here’s how this mother survived Survivor!

  • Katja

    I don’t think it’s so much of “Kim’s World” anymore, she’s not as much in control as she and many others think. I think the other castaways DO know how powerful Kim is and are just going along with Kim’s decisions because it will take the ring-leader-target off their own backs and take them further in the game (okay, they might actually like her too). I mean, in this week’s episode Kim really wanted Sabrina out but the others wanted to vote for Kat – and Kat went home. So…not so much of a queen been anymore, huh?