Survivor One World Episode 13: This Is A Woman’s World

Girl Power! Eliza cheers the all-female Final Five.

Survivor One World Episode 13: This Is A Woman’s World

Welcome back to Survivor: One World, which is now officially a woman’s world. These five women have accomplished something no other group of women have ever done on Survivor. They have established an ALL female final five!

So we rejoin the women plus Tarzan back at camp after tribal and ominous music plays while they talk about how ironic it was that Kat’s last statement was how funny blindsides are. At least they picked up on that the same way we all did.

Then we get to hear from Tarzan and Tarzan’s “subplot” to make it to the top three. Tarzan pulls aside Kim. Kim expresses to Tarzan that she is worried that Alicia won’t want to take her to the finals. Tarzan and Kim both agree that Chelsea is the biggest threat. Tarzan tells Kim he is content with fourth place and says Kim should go to final three with Alicia and Christina. Then Alicia walks up. Kim walks away and Tarzan feeds the same exact lines to Alicia as he did to Kim. He feeds into her fear that she can’t win against Kim.

Tarzan tells Alicia he can and will pull for her on the jury. Now this is an interesting statement, because the decision the jurors make as to who to vote for in the final tribal should be an individual decision. It should be based on the final tribal performance of each of the finalists and then determined from there. That is not what happens. As someone who has sat on not one, but two Survivor juries, I can tell you that there is a lot of campaigning that goes on at Ponderosa. Sure, the contestant coordinators try to stop the campaigning, but it definitely happens. So if you vote someone off who you know will be petitioning the rest of the jurors for them to vote for you at final tribal, that is huge.

Tarzan says he’s okay even he makes it to final three and loses because in that case he just won’t buy shocks for his car. He has also clearly announced to the other cast members that he’s a plastic surgeon, that he makes and has millions of dollars, and that he’s okay with losing in the end. This is an interesting strategy. We’ve seen many people in the past who have hidden their true professions because they don’t want people to know that they are a doctor or a lawyer, but has anyone ever been so blatant in the exact opposite way to try to get to the end? Well, maybe Russell Hantz and we all saw how well that worked out for him.

Chelsea explains that of the remaining six, it is three versus three. It is Alicia, Christina, and Tarzan versus Kim, Sabrina, and Chelsea. At final six it often comes down to a 3 vs 3 situation so there’s a good possibility of a tie vote happening but people are terrified of picking the purple rock of death.

Then we have the whole blabbing scene of Chelsea telling Christina that she should get to go on reward and that Chelsea will take her if she wins. Christina then comes straight back and repeats everything Chelsea said! Kim then tells Chelsea what Christina said about her. Hard to keep track of everything, but also hard to tell and keep secrets at this point in the game.

Then we have a new reward challenge where everyone had to spin around to release their disks and then solve a combination box. I hoped for more bloopers and dizziness and falling, but it was a decent challenge. Chelsea wins the reward or going on an overnight yacht with a shower, a three course sunset meal, champagne, and comfortable beds to sleep on. Chelsea announces that she’s “gonna play it fair like [she’s] played this whole game” and she chooses Sabrina who hasn’t been on a reward in a while. Okay, so that announcement makes sense as to Sabrina. BUT THEN, she picks Kim as her 2nd person to take with her. Now, I don’t necessarily have a problem with that choice in and of itself, but don’t announce that you’re going to be doing the fairest thing and then pick the person who has gone on more rewards than anyone else there! I think that Chelsea may have picked Christina had Christina not spilled the beans about their conversation right after it happened!

Chelsea, Kim, and Sabrina get clean and cheers to the three of them making it to the end. BUT, back at camp Alicia and Christina are livid! Alicia gets it that the three of them stay strong and not budge from their threesome. Alicia says let them pick rocks. It is always dangerous to leave people behind when you go on reward because it usually just solidifies their alliance against you.

Tarzan tells Alicia and Christina that Kim and Chelsea are deceiving them. I give him credit for trying to hatch yet another plan. But even Tarzan’s plan hatching skills are trumped by Kim’s lying skills. Sabrina says Kim has this amazing ability to say I’m with you and it feels completely real.

Then we get to see Alicia and Kim talk and Kim is damn good. She convinces Alicia they are both getting played by Tarzan. Alicia then says she won’t be made to look like a fool. Especially because she’s the “most powerful player.” Ha! Does this special ed teacher know the meaning of powerful?

But then Alicia goes and proves herself and wins immunity by mere seconds over Kim. Kim is quite the competitor, too. In every challenge she hasn’t actually won personally, I think she has come in second. It’s quite amazing.

Tarzan then takes losing like a grown man and calls the winner, Alicia a bitch and says the challenge wasn’t even athletic and he should have beaten her.

Tarzan then puts Kat’s dirty bikini bottoms on his head and they head off to tribal council.

Tarzan was a complete disaster at tribal council. He first of all has no idea how to suck up to the jury by saying they all deserved to get voted off when they did, then he admits he’s a millionaire, and continues to insult everyone around him. In spite of all of that, Sabrina says Tarzan is a risk to take because he is still a man.

One of the most bizarre parts of tribal, however, was when Tarzan was talking about having put Kat’s panties on his head and Kat is sitting there crying on the jury. What was that about?

Kat also continues to show she is clueless from the jury because she says “goodbye Chelsea” after seeing just one vote. Wrong.

Then Tarzan gets voted off and Michael flicks him off on his way out.

Now we’re down to all women! May the best woman win! Will Kim stick by Chelsea and Sabrina or go up against the far less risky Alicia and Christina? Who will win the million dollars?

Two hour finale and one hour live reunion show this Sunday! Don’t miss it. Then afterwards, I hope you’ll all join me for my recap of the Survivor One World finale. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’ll be tweeting about meeting the Survivor One World contestants this weekend in NYC. Signing off for now, with girl power, xoxo, Eliza.


  • Linda

    Alicia is a disgusting human being. I hope she gets royally blindsided just like her cohort Kat. See ya!

  • Seth

    You don’t know why Kat was crying about Tarzan wearing her panties on his head?? She stated on her ponderosa video that she can’t go back there to see them, but then when she does she sees Kim and the gang disrespecting her stuff like that. Wouldn’t you feel disrespected??