Survivor One World: Colton’s World

Survivor One World: Colton’s World

Update: Eliza retracts her comments about Colton

Welcome back to Survivor: Colton’s World. Oh, I mean One World. Once the women arrive back at camp after tribal, Michael tells them that he took care of their fire while they were gone. Well at least Colton isn’t the only one trying to create some good will between himself and the women. Although it seems the women don’t believe Michael actually took care of the fire.

One of the big things we will miss this season is the tribe reactions at the challenge after a vote has occurred when Jeff says, “Tribe X getting their first look at the new Tribe Y.” Now this will all take place at night at camp when the tribe gets back from tribal and we will miss out on the great reaction shots.

As she should after their blow up at tribal, Christina asks Alicia to talk to clear stuff up. Christina apologizes and Alicia says in a confessional it was all part of her plan to make Christina look crazy. She continues to be a stellar example for her students by saying that if she saw her drowning she would look the other way. And then continues to throw insults by saying Nina looks like a bag of rocks.

While I might think Alicia’s behavior and comments don’t exactly make her a role model, I don’t think you should go on Survivor and have the goal to be a role model. Because you know what that makes you? Boring. And Alicia is anything but. I’m a fan.

So it comes to the women’s attention that they are a disaster and they nominate Sabrina as their leader. She designates people to be responsible for water, food, and shelter. Then Kat & Alicia sit in the water doing nothing. It’s nice to be in the majority alliance isn’t it girls? Just ask Parvati and Amanda.

Then we have our first “do it yourself challenge” of the season. For a tarp. For those who haven’t been on Survivor, you may not realize just how incredibly important a tarp is. But you do get to see in the previews for next week that the rains are coming. That tarp is going to be crucial.

Then without Jeff, “survivors ready” is said by Colton. That must have been pretty amazing for such a big fan. However, in general, I think the do it yourself challenge was kind of lame. I actually missed Jeff’s commentary.

The women lose, and Sabrina says “no one ever remembers 2nd place” yeah especially not out of two. Sorry, hun. You ladies need to step it up.

Then back to Colton. Everyone complains he has done nothing. Jonas says the guys need to vote him off before the merge. He only wants to hang with the girls, and that he makes Russell look like a school girl. It is not entirely clear what he means by that, but it certainly seems Colton is on the outs.

Colton says the only thing he has in common with the guys is the extra appendage. So Colton turns to the women. But then it seems he’s not welcomed by them either. Sabrina says he is a virus. She’s forced to entertain him and that he snaked his way back to our camp. Colton then becomes the first to cry this season. Even Kourtney, who broke her wrist in multiple places, didn’t shed a tear.

Colton begs the girls to stay with them and Kim says he can’t stay. Now, up until this point, Colton’s strategy sucks, right? Even if you don’t get along with your tribe, you need to try to get along with them because those are the people who are going to be voting you off!

But then Colton really turned it around. Although arrogant, he really is smart. Colton realizes his only weapon is the idol and he uses the idol to his advantage. It is always a tricky situation when you have a hidden idol. You need to carefully weigh to whom you want to reveal that information because it can help you but it can also totally screw you!

So Colton tells Troyzan, Jonas, Tarzan, and Lief. They decide as the “random group of misfits,” they need to get rid of the muscle. It is going to be Vanuatu all over again and it is Survivor: Colton’s world.

Now I want to talk a lot about this immunity challenge because I did this challenge in Vanuatu! And the girls killed it then. Balancing challenges are made for women!

I was in the exact position Kat was. I was the youngest girl on an all girls tribe. And what you don’t see (or sometimes see an abbreviated version of) but Jeff gives us plenty of time to strategize before a challenge. The girls must have discussed, as we did, who should go first. We knew that person had to be the best at it. The most confident. The best at balancing. I stepped up. I volunteered to be the first one because I knew I could. And I excelled.

Kat, on the other hand, sucked. She should never have gone first. She should never have stepped up and volunteered to do that. She was not confident, not smart, and not skilled. Also when we did this challenge we weren’t allowed to switch the order. We had our numbers written on our arms.

Want to see how this challenge is done right? See here:

After that terrible challenge performance, Nina says Kat is a complete idiot. It is so true. But it is clear Nina dug her own grave. Although it seemed that her words did have an impact on Chelsea because Chelsea realizes the women need to pick off the weakest links. The editing make it seem like Kim and Chelsea see that Kat should go. Also, out of their alliance of five, she is only one, so they would still have four to the minority alliance of three.

At tribal council, Jeff tells the women they are off to the worst start ever in the game. Can someone fact check that for me? Is that true?! Yes, they’ve lost three challenges in a row, but haven’t other tribes as well?

So, can the women pull it together and finally win something or will the storm just make it worse? Who will Alicia insult next week? Will Colton continue to dominate?

I hope you’ll all join me next week for my recap of Survivor One World. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’m always tweeting about reality TV. Signing off for now, from Colton’s world to yours, xoxo, Eliza.



  • Mana Kultras

    Great Article!!

    Worst Start? They just lost 3 challenges. In survivor Palau, Stephanie tribe Ulong was annihilated. They lost every one and only Stephanie merged back to Koror. I’m sure I can dig up more, but just 3 losses are nothing. First of them was due to an injury

    In Balance, yes, Vanuatu, women rock. Thanks to the eventual winner, Chris ;)

    • Johanna Benz

      But Ulong won rewards, they just didn’t win immunity. I’m pretty sure it still isn’t THE worst start though. Didn’t Ravu lose EVERYTHING when they started Fiji?

  • Tommy

    I do not think they will mix already. If the guys continue to dominate they will in like ep4 or 5 I believe. And Colton’s not smart, he’s desperate – if he was, he wouldn’t have made the whole women tribe despise him. Compare him to Russel? He wish.

  • Karoliina Oksanen

    Nice recap, Eliza! But one thing… Why does everyone misspell Leif’s name? I expected more out of you! :P

  • Waz

    It’s kind of funny how the results of the balancing challenge in One World were the EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE of it in Vanuatu. XD

  • Mjconor

    That video makes me wish Dolly the sheep farmer had lasted longer. :(

  • haha

    Cant believe those idiots r watching that gay racist slime run the show. I don’t understand how u can raise someone as terrible as colton. And, even though I’m white I must say i haven’t met a black person that colton could beat at anything

  • john day

    colton is a fucking bigot who hates bill cuz hes poor. fuck that gay douche bag if i ever see him i will punhc him in the face soo hard. he honestly deserves it for being so narrow minded

  • survior_fan

    Colton will be voted off soon. I thought it would be tonight based on his stupid comments. No one can tolerate this level of ignorance.

  • Sbp63

    Colton….stuck up rich boy aint got a clue. Put that bitch on the streets and see how long he lasts without mommy and daddys money.

  • rz

    Colton is aspoiled racist mother fucker and a waste of space on this or any planet. He’s an immature, ignorant, fugly, with no class of any type. He has more temper tantrums than my 3 years daughter. If he was my queer son, I would be the most ashamed parent alive and disown him. If I knew my son would end up like him, I would have him aborted before being born. Sorry for the harsh words, but I do have black in my family through marriage and don’t tolerate shit heads like COLTON

  • Tim

    You can not blame Colton’s poor attitude on being gay just as you can not on him being a Republician or any other thing he happens to be. The only thing you can blame it on his being raised poorly. He is devoid of any common human manners. I would not want to be in any group he aligns himself with. His arrogant, elitist spoined attitude speaks volumes on his parents. If you ask me he makes Americans look bad; since he is gay, republican, rich, southern, well educated, male and American. Find any of those groups of people that would be proud of him.

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