One World: "It's Going to Be Chaos"

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One World: "It's Going to Be Chaos"

It's almost Survivor time again, folks, and this week it looks like everyone thinks they are in control. Probably even delusional Tarzan. The ladies have gotten rid of every single man who was a threat, and now it's up to Tarzan to try and stay alive on an island full of women. (How pissed would you be if he actually won?)

In the 30-second clip for tonight's episode we hear the ladies all taking turns about being in control, so you know at some point it is going to blow up in some of their faces. Hopefully tonight. Giddy.

From my perspective I just don't see the women at the bottom of the totem pole flipp

ing the game on Kim. Kim has been sly and she's been cunning, and unless her cohort Chelsea turns on her I doubt those two are going anywhere. Are there any doubts that they will make final 3? Not in my mind, but as a fan of the show and someone who loves to see the underdogs take control, I hope that Kim and Chelsea are blindsided at some point. Is that bad?

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