10 Things We Learned Watching The Survivor Finale

10 Things We Learned Watching The Survivor Finale

Well. It’s over. And Probst is happy it is. You could tell last night that all he wants is for it to be September already so he can get his talk show going.

Nevertheless, the right woman won. If anyone else had won this truly would be the worst season ever.

And here are:

TEN THINGS I LEARNED (watching the Survivor 24 finale and reunion):

10. Alicia is more delusional than I originally thought.  WTF was up with her jury “question” that was more a statement of grandeur than an actual question? She and her heels and her “nappy hair” can go record some more bad karaoke now (yes, I saw the video, did you?).

9. Christina has really nice boobies! No, really, she looked great in that dress during jury questioning. Purrr…

8. Kat CAN be tolerable, and even wonderful. Her “closing speech” at the jury questioning was unexpected and really pretty neat. “…don’t be angry in your decision making because it takes more energy to be angry” to the jury was the best part of the jury questioning round.  I wish her the best in her upcoming surgery!

7. Matt is still the biggest tool ever. Seriously dude…how and when and where did you play the “best game out there”? Out where? In Mattville?

6. Colton is not a horrible person. He is a horribly BLOATED person. Like, um, who inflated him?!  I hope his mom confiscates the milk and cookies when they get home.

5. If you’re going to use the “I was laid off” plea for a vote, you should mention it sooner than during the jury questions. Um, Sabrina.

4. Kim actually knew her boobs had disappeared. Her “I know I lied to you and I voted you out but I have no boos left so have a little mercy” would have been a GREAT opening speech, but alas, she chickened out and didn’t say it. Sigh.

3. Troyzan was cooler and better looking stranded on Survivor. End of story.

2. Blossom (although yesterday she was going by Mayim Bialik or some bizarre name like that) clearly has too much time on her hands. Why on earth she’d want to attend the Survivor finale and actually BE ON CAMERA is beyond. Isn’t she bigger than that?!

And the #1 thing I learned last night:

1. That it IS possible not to watch an entire reunion show, because for the first time in my Survivor life I turned it off.  Is it me or is it Probst or is it just time for Survivor to die?  Really Finale night on my FIRST MOTHER’S DAY ever?!

Hope all you mommies had a wonderful Mother’s Day! See you all next season!

Oh, and yeah…Kim is award 1000 points for winning everything. Winner!


  • Caarky

    Jun, “who inflatted Colton”….ummm can you say cheese?!!!

    • Suzie

      He inflated himpself. He’s been over eating dreading the day he was going to be grilled for being a horrible person on the reunion show.

    • AnnieO555

      uhh Caarky – Jun just had a baby recently, while Colton is just a pig!

  • Rdouvillier

    Did you know that before she was Blossom, she was the young Better Middler character in Beaches?

  • Gaborrr

    10 Things I learned from watching Survivor: 1. Taxes are FUNNN!!! 2. Jeff Probst did a fine impersonaton of Mario Lopez and would be better on Extra!!! 3. Tarzan can Tarzan himself sometimes!!! 4. Kitty Kat blindsided us when she went from bitter juror to Spiritual Healer!!! 5. Bill is formerly known as Sign for Less Funnier than Colon!!! 6. Castaways leaving on stretchers constitute good show!!! 7. You can eat nonstop and lose ALL your weight!!! 8. Quantum Entaglement is Legalized!!! 9. Looking forward to watching Kardashian Shows!!! 10. If you win everything and win everyone then its a HUGE surprise that you win everything..NOT Hahahaha

  • http://twitter.com/JunDishes Jun Song

    OH yeah Richard! I totally forgot about that! HAHAHA! Sigh. It cracked me up to see her at the Survivor finale…they managed to squeeze her appearance in somehow…

    I think you’re right Caarky and Suzie! He clearly coped with all the backlask with some cholesterol binges!

    Hahahaha, Gabor…WTF was up with Bill?! I didn’t even touch that one. He tries too hard.

  • AnnieO555

    Mayim Bialik is also on The Big Bang Theory. She’s obviously a fan so why shouldn’t she go to the finale. Also Pauley Pirrette on NCIS is a huge Big Brother Fan and has been to finale functions.

  • http://twitter.com/DeanoBrown2010 Dean Brown

    OMG Alicia has to be the most deluded person on this planet!! haha “Kim you would be sh*tting bricks if I was sat up there next to you”… You could tell Kim tried really hard to look like she was agreeing with Alicia!!

    Yeah it was really funny that Kat of all people was the most mature/level-headed juror to speak!! lol

    I can’t believe Colton tried to use “I was victimised for being gay” as an excuse for why he was horrible to Bill… Surely someone like him who has (apparently) struggled through their life with people being mean to them, should make MORE of an effort to be tolerant towards others, and definitely not pick on someone because they’re different to other people!!

    It’s actually a real shame this season was so boring, because Kim was truly a deserving winner… And although it’s hard to judge, I think she could of been pretty successful in most other seasons of Survivor we’ve seen previously, but now she has to go down as the winner of a crappy season!! lol

    Thanks for the entertainment Jun… Only a couple of months before the REALLLLLLLLLLLL blogging beings… Big Brother Power Rankings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D