Will Dana or Jeff Leave the Philippines?

Which castaway will be leaving tonight?

Will Dana or Jeff Leave the Philippines?

CBS has tweeted out a preview of tonight’s Survivor: Philippines and it looks like our tough as nails little pixie, Dana, will be battling a serious illness this episode. Medics are called in, along with Jeff, who is always there hovering over the ill castaways like a vulture yet forbidding them to die, and it appears the diagnosis is not serious enough to remove Dana from the game even though she appears absolutely miserable. Jeff tells her, “So now it’s on you,” and she is left to decide her fate in the game. (I think she’ll stay.)

Another castaway who might be up against a wall tonight is Jeff, a former Major League baseball player who has tried to keep his past under wraps. Too bad Dawson recognizes him, and is waiting like a trapdoor spider to use the information against him. Also hiding a blown knee, Jeff has more than one thing to worry about tonight.

My question to you, reality fans, is this: Do you think Dana will remove herself from the game? Lawd tell me it’s not another “appendicitis” case. And Will it be Jeff’s knee, or his career, that gets takes him out of the game? Because you just know one of them is going to.


  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    Why did you think it would be Jeff he has been doing fine in comps and not complaining about his knee anylonger. I thought maybe it was Abi Marie cause she has twisted her knee twice and keeps complaining. She also has only competed in Episode 1 sitting out in Episodes 2,3, & 4.

  • Hillary

    With Jeff being a former MLB player, he’s used to injuries & working through them.