Survivor Philippines Episode 3: Russell Fails AGAIN

Another Pathetic Effort by Russell Swan

Survivor Philippines Episode 3: Russell Fails AGAIN

Episode 3 of Survivor was another good one! Abi-Maria found the hidden immunity idol, Jonathan Penner told Jeff Kent he found the hidden immunity idol, and Russell Swan’s tribe lost AGAIN, then voted out 20-year-old Angie.

Welcome back to Survivor: Philippines, where Russell Swan failed AGAIN. This is getting ridiculous. I feel like a broken record.

We return to Team Russell where they have just gotten back from tribal council and Malcom says “well, that was fun.” Tribal is never fun, so I get his sentiment and the sarcasm that was dripping from that statement. Angie immediately pipes up with the fact that her and Malcolm are nothing more than friends, but then the two of them continue to snuggle up at night.

Then we head over to Team Skupin where RC & Abi-Maria are laying on the beach together and Abi seems totally out of her mind paranoid. RC has shared her idol clue with Abi (big mistake) and no one else and Abi still doesn’t trust her. Then, Abi really backstabs RC by sharing the hidden immunity idol clue with Pete. Pete says he can pull in Artis and Lisa and they should go against Skupin and RC.

Pete approaches Lisa and asks if she would be okay voting out Skupin. Even if she wouldn’t be pleased with this, she smartly agrees to with Pete and tells us that she feels as though she’s been dealt a new hand and she’s up today. Survivor is funny like that. If her tribe had lost one of the first two challenges, we might already be without our child-star Lisa aka Blair Warner, but because they won and things change minute by minute, now Lisa seems to be part of a majority alliance on her tribe.

Then we are back to Team Penner where Jeff Kent and Dana realize that the emblem from the top of the rice container is gone. Jeff immediately realizes it’s the idol and Penner has it. He’s angry at himself. He’s not even angry at Penner. It’s easy to relate to that feeling of wishing you’d done something before someone else did it. Just pure frustration.

I must say the challenges this season have been pretty awesome. I am a big fan of water challenges and I love that they’re back in full force this season. It’s unfortunate for those who suck at swimming, but it seems that between RC, Malcom, Penner, and Denise we have some legit swimmers out there. Not so much for Angie and Russell, though. I do miss having double challenges each episode, though. I am glad we get to know the tribes a bit more (or at least a few people per tribe — wait, there’s a Carter?) but I wish we had reward challenges AND immunity challenges, not just combined challenges.

But this challenge was great. The diving down to retrieve puzzle pieces reminded me of the challenge we had in Vanuatu where we had to dive down and untie disks on a rope. However, ours were 10, 15, 20, and 25+ feet deep. At the end of that challenge Rory’s and Ami’s ears were both bleeding from the pressure of having dove down so deep. This was nothing compared to that and yet Angie couldn’t release her puzzle piece that was only two feet deep. However, Russell was not much better given that he couldn’t climb up the ladder to get back on the platform to let a teammate go. That was pathetic.

Then we get to head over to Team Penner to see the one and only Jonathan Penner (who kicked butt at the challenge once again) making an alliance with Jeff Kent! Huh? What is going on here? Well, I think Penner knew Jeff knew he had the idol and felt he had no choice but to try to bring him in. Penner is a pretty persuasive guy and even though Jeff only gave him a “four-finger shake” (WHAT?) I think they may end up working together after all.

Then we finally hear from Artis over on Team Skupin who is upset they lost because Skupin broke the mask. Okay, thanks for your contribution to the show Artis.

Then Abi-Maria & Pete find the idol behind RC’s back which is unsurprising given how Abi has been acting towards RC since about day three.

Then we finally head over to Team Russell to see what is going to happen with that disaster of a tribe. Malcolm is so bummed to be on a “tribe of goons” and I can’t blame him. Only he and Denise have any strategic sense and any physical abilities it seems. But Malcolm feels like “Malcolm in the middle” and does he vote off Russell who is stronger than Angie (it’s not really such a compliment) or his snuggle buddy Angie?

We head to tribal council to find out. Russell makes Angie cry and feel about “this big.” Ultimately, even though Russell sucked in the challenge and was mean to Angie, Denise and Malcolm vote off poor sweet Angie.

Now they are down to a tribe of three! Can they make this happen and win a single challenge or will they become the worst tribe in the history of Survivor?

I hope you’ll all join me again next week for my recap of Survivor. Until then, don’t forget to check out my blog ( and follow me on twitter @eorlins (though I’m only on intermittently because of the blocks in China). Signing off for now, with Russell’s massive failures, xoxo, Eliza.



  • Survivorfan24

    Survivor Palau: Stephenie was the last of Ulong! Matsing is starting to look the same way. :/

  • VanuatuFan

    Enjoyed your blog, Eliza! Hope you’re loving China!

  • Lynda Perky

    Angie’s issue seemed to be lack of thought she tried to pull the string with her hands and arms everyone else thought to use their legs also to push down on the disk. Women have more leg strengh than upper body strength.

    Your blog really helps me see more about the game.

    I thought the cast only got the clothes on their back to bring, yet it seems that they have swim suits also at least the men. With women it may just be great longare. Can you say what they can bring with them in the bags? If so tell me.