Phillip Sheppard Is “The Specialist” in New Book

The former Federal Agent isn't only a Survivor character, he's the character in a book!

Phillip Sheppard Is “The Specialist” in New Book

Phillip Sheppard of Survivor is BACK! But not only is he returning on the upcoming season of Caramoan’s Fans Vs. Favorites, he’s also back as a special agent in a new book titled, The Specialist: The Costa Rica Job.

The book is a “creative collaboration” between Phillip and his younger brother, Charles Peterson Sheppard and is available for pre-order now at

From the Press Release:

“The big question? Was Phillip Sheppard really a “Former Federal Agent?” One thing is certain. He is the inspiration and persona in The Specialist: The Costa Rica Job novel. Sheppard’s character The Specialist heads to Costa Rica on a perilous rescue mission to extract a corrupt banker from the hands of ruthless kidnappers. Swept up in a life or death mission, The Specialist teams up with a small cadre of Israeli secret service agents, and navigates a risky path of betrayal pitting him against drug cartels, dirty cops, turncoat agents and a terrorist bomber. In this fascinating thriller, one man faces past demons to solve a case fraught with chilling international implications.

“Sheppard’s first foray into popular fiction presents him in a way never before seen by fans of the CBS reality show, that of a hardboiled, fist swinging former federal agent determined to complete his mission. Written in an engaging first person style, The Specialist: The Costa Rica Job deftly incorporates all elements of traditional action thrillers, along with Sheppard’s own unique blend of dialogue, intrigue and quick pacing. The book will be the first in a series of The Specialist action adventures.”

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Below: Phillip’s pre-season interview for Survivor: Caramoan which premieres on February 13 on CBS!


  • Phillipsheppard
  • Charles Peterson Sheppard

    Thank you for informing people about the novel. As the author, and as Phillip’s brother, The Specialist: The Costa Rica Job represents the ultimate fan fiction. I know Phillip Sheppard as the the guy who walked with me in the snow on nights when the stars filled the sky and talked about his dreams for himself and me. I know him as the Army Specialist and Department of Defense Agent who whore his nation’s flag on (and in) his heart; as the single father raising a teen-aged son; as the salesman and businessman with incredible drive and all the confidence and determination that I longed to find in myself. In this novel, our collaboration reflects my attempt to capture that essence, based upon the concepts and ideas he laid out. I am proud he found me equal to the task. Hope you all read the book..and enjoy the bumpy ride.

  • Phillip Sheppard

    Thanks so much for your kind words and promoting our book. My brother Charles Peterson Sheppard is a very creative writer and use to tell me stories when he was five years old when I could not fall asleep in upstate New York. For many years we have spoken about the idea of writing a book together and I gave him a few ideas and he ran with it now we have the potential to a life long dream of collaborating on a few book together around a character we both can embrace and hopefully tell stories that you all enjoy. Again thanks so much to the staff at Reality Nation and “Spicy” for the posting about The Specialist The Costa RIca Job; look forward to speaking with you soon. Phillip

  • Phillip Sheppard

    We are tying to make the best sellers list to do that we need to have as many books order as we can sell over a one week period so please support our efforts by purchasing one copy of either the ebook, softcover and or hard cover. If you purchase a hardcover and I see you when I come to your city for a charity event I will personally sign your book. I am tying to sell as many advance orders of the hardcover book on Amazon to make the list by next Friday 15 February, here is the link:

    Thanks for all your support,

    Phillip TheSpecialist

  • CaramoanMan13

    It sounds like a great book and I’m seriously considering reading it.