Richard Hatch’s New Anti-IRS Commercial Confuses

Can you help decipher this advertisement starring Mr. Hatch?

Richard Hatch’s New Anti-IRS Commercial Confuses

Survivor‘s first winner ever, the notorious Mr. Richard Hatch, has a new commercial out, and guess what? It’s all about the IRS.

As you may well know, Hatch has had some legal issues surrounding his taxes dating back to his Survivor winning days but he has maintained his innocence throughout. He has been to prison twice for the alleged crime and since his release he’s been striking back at the IRS whenever he can. This time by being a spokesperson for the website

“Hi, I’m Richard Hatch. The IRS sends people to jail and they’re not just celebrities.Do you owe the IRS over $10,000? Call for your free tax consultation right now. Listen, I went to prison for over 4-years and you don’t want to. Don’t wait, call now.”

Okay, cool. I pick up my phone and dial the number on the screen. You KNOW I had to…even though I definitely pay my fair share of taxes. Who would answer? What would they say? It rings a few times before a recording says, “The Verizon number you have called is unavailable…” Damn. Of course the tip-off was that the actual phone number was 1800-123-4567…

“Believe me,” Richard continues during the commercial. “I know the IRS may be harassing you at work or sending threatening letters to your home. If you have unfiled tax returns or need any IRS help call today for your free and private tax consultation. Even though interest and penalties can add up, you can be an IRS Survivor!”

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Now, while watching the commercial you’re thinking it’s an advert for a tax relief company, or something equivalent, right? But the phone number wasn’t real and then there is the interesting “disclaimer” on the website:

“MMAC Group, LLC and, are not a lawyer referral service or prepaid legal services plan. We are a media company and do not provide tax relief services. We may refer you to Certified Public Accounts, Enrolled Agents and/or Tax Attorneys but do not endorse or recommend them. In certain states, this website may be deemed a paid LAWYER ADVERTISEMENT and the participating attorneys pay an advertising fee.”

I also notice on the website that there is a different phone number that the one I called. So that one is probably legit. But what the hell do they mean by media company? One ran by attorneys? I am so confused. I won’t be calling, I don’t like lawyers. But if you do, let me know how it goes.


  • Michelle Jones


  • TweetsRide

    Could he consider this a PSA and use it as a tax write-off?

  • Anonymus

    Richard Hatch is a major prick. However he is exposing a truth, which is the government is the biggest bully of all. The government wants every last dime and have literally ruined this guy (and the lives of those around him) for their taxes. If only the IRS could be eliminated. But we know any president sensible enough to restore liberty to the people would be assassinated, I don’t like how the government continues to destroy people’s lives bullying people of all walks of life for all their money. The government continues to spend gobs of money irresponsibly while trying to take every last dime from each of us.