Survivor Philippines: Returning Players In Trouble!

The veterans struggle with various issues on episode 3

Survivor Philippines: Returning Players In Trouble!

This week on Survivor: Philippines it appears that the veterans could be in some hot water.

First, Jonathan Penner‘s tribe discovers that the bull design on top of the rice container may have been an idol, and immediately they assume (correctly) that Penner was the one who found it. “That little design piece thing that was stuck on there, if that piece is the idol, I bet Jonathan has it,” says Jeff. “How stupid are we?! We were staring at that thing the whole time!”

“…we weren’t even curious about it! That was a pure veteran move.”

Russ seems doubtful he is where he belongs. “I don’t know if it’s God’s plan for me to be here,” he tells the cameras. And Michael Skupin‘s tribe plots against him despite suffering yet another injury.

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  • Ben Denker

    I can’t believe how different all of them play. Russell is just awful. Is he doing pushups on the beach before every challenge and wearing himself out? Skupin’s constant state of injury is just mind boggling. Between the 3, Penner almost looks like he’s trying too hard. At least they’ve been fun to watch. Check out my power ranking blog this week and follow if you like: