Season 25 Philippines Cast: First Impressions

Meet the cast of Survivor Philippines!

Season 25 Philippines Cast: First Impressions

Survivor: Philippines, Season 25 is only two weeks away and we’re psyched for this season even if there are returning players.

The cool thing about the returning Survivors is that this time the players left the game by no fault of their own. Medical emergencies removed all three of them from the game so they never knew what could have been. We also have a slew of new castaways to get to know, so here they are, in no particular order. The entire Survivor Season 25 cast is as follows:

Artis Survivor 25

Artis, 53: Artis is a stage-4 cancer survivor, so right away he know this guy is a fighter. He claims to still be in love with his ex-wife and wants to reunite with her someday – which is kinda weird to admit on television. He’s lost a lot of weight and body mass since battling cancer but says he is ready to bring the competition. He adds that his “relaxed face” is sometimes menacing, so he will have to bring a certain comfort to the tribe. He hopes to win the competition based on his personality.

Dana Lambert Survivor 25

Dana, 32, Cosmetologist: She compares herself to Boston Rob and is a superfan of the show. She says she’s more in it to win it, not for the money itself. She admits it might be hard to keep her opinions to herself at times, but she is going to try. She seems easy going but fierce. I hope she brings the drama. I think she has potential.

Survivor Season 25 Philippines Carter

Carter, 24, Track Coach: Carter says he’s contemplated many times on how to win Survivor before ever being cast. Hints that he is going to play hard but also wants to bring positive energy. To me, he seems passive and lacks “fire”. But we’ll see.

Angie Layton Survivor 25 Philippines

Angie, 20, Model: The token model/pageant princess this season, who doesn’t care that everyone will think she’s a “Barbie”. She says she wants to win it, but doesn’t sound like she has any sort of strategy. In fact, she sounds like a floater, “I just don’t want to piss people off,” she says. Admits to being a flirt and says she will work it if need be.

RC Survivor 25

RC, 27, Investment Banker: This chick swam the English Channel. Obviously she is bad ass. Who cares about anything else. I can sense she has a temper and is controlling. Awesome.

Survivor Season 25 Lisa Whelchel

Lisa fricking Whelchel, 49, 80s Child Star: BLAIR! This is so wonderfully bizarre. She says after The Facts of Life she got hitched and had a crapload of kids and has been a stay at home mom since. I love Blair, I mean, Lisa, but I don’t see her doing well. She says she won’t be able to lie and cheat her way through the game. She also admits that she actively sought a spot in the Season 25 cast by posting a video to Twitter. It worked.

Survivor Season 25 Cast Peter

Pete, 24, Model: Claims to not be a pretty boy, and hates the stereotypes of New Jersey since he’s from there. Says he is no guido though. Seems kind of cocky, and smarter than he appears. Does not want to take leadership because he doesn’t want to get blood on his hands. Admits he is passive/aggressive, lol.

Survivor 25 Malcolm

Malcolm 25, bartender: A party boy from L.A. who went to Dartmouth. Says he is smarter than people give him credit for. Says he will be the entertainment and is “nice to look at”. Seems like a smooth talker, for sure. Likely to be the snake.

Survivor Katie

Katie, 22, Another Beauty Queen: Says she is very competitive, beautiful and a go-getter. Like many of the others, she says she is going to “lay low”. All she talks about is Delaware.

Survivor 25 Denise

Denise, 41, SEX THERAPIST: Okay, I hope she’s like Barbra Streisand in Meet the Fockers! She hates camping though. Uh oh. Says she will be the camp’s bitch if need be…not exactly in those words.

Survivor 2012 Dawson

Dawson, 28, Insurance Sales: Says is she is good negotiator, says being on Survivor is her dream and she feels she can cannot with any culture/ethnicity. Is a prankster who loves drama.

Survivor Season 25 Roxy

Roxy, 28, Seminary Student: A pastor who says she sees Survivor as a mission and she plans on being the morale booster of the group. Seems genuinely nice and down to earth. Probably won’t be a very good liar.

Survivor Season 25 Jeff MLB

Jeff, 44, Former MLB Player: Sounds like he wants to keep his former professional secret, is a good ol’ Texas boy. Doesn’t need the money, is in it for the challenge. Extremely competitive, hates to lose. Says he can bring the social game as well.

Survivor 25 2012 Abi Maria

Abi-Maria, 32, Business Student: Brazilian girl who says she is humble although she comes across as a diva. Hopes to inspire people with her story. Wants to play a safe social game, strong physical game. Says she is charming.

Survivor 25 Cast

Zane, 28, Tire Repair: Virginia boy with a strong accent who says he’s “down home.” Very country and very proud of it. Hard working blue collar worker who has never been out of his neck of the woods. Seems like a good guy who could use the coin.

Survivor Season 25 Philippines

Then of course we have the three returning men, Michael Skupin, 50 of Survivor Australian OutbackJonathan Penner of Survivor Cook Islands and Russell Swan of Survivor Samoa. All three men left the game early due to a medical emergency. I have to say, I am most excited for Mr. Penner to return.

Looks like it si going to be another great season of Survivor, tune in to CBS on September 19th!


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