Season 25 Spoilers: Philippines

Snakes, sharks and returning players - oh my!

Season 25 Spoilers: Philippines

I think we can all agree that Season 24 of Survivor was anti-climactic, even though we liked the One World concept. But admit it, watching Kim steamroll everyone throughout the season left us thirsty for some good ol’ Survivor drama.

Not surprisingly, Survivor: One World was the lowest rated Survivor finale in all it’s 12 years of airing on CBS with only 10.2  million people tuning in, down 30% from a year ago. (Random Trivia: Survivor’s first season had a whopping 50 million viewers!) Even fewer people tuned into the reunion show, 8.1 million, also a record low. It seems that Jeff Probst even found Season 24 to be a drag. He told

“Next season is going to be a return to GREAT Survivor. I really believe we will remind the audience of how fun Survivor can be. I think this season was a bit of a letdown. No fault of the Survivors, we are the producers. We just didn’t have the standout moments and characters needed for a great season. We do next season. See ya sooon”!

So what do we know about Survivor season 25 being in the Philippines? Probst fills us in on some spoilers for the season:

“The biggest, most thrilling game on television is also the most grueling. For 24 seasons castaways have been pitted against the elements, faced off versus wildlife and have been taken to the edge of their own limits. Some have paid the ultimate price, pulled from the game with one question in mind and their hearts, ‘What could’ve been?’

“Next season, three castaways who were airlifted out will be given a second shot. They’ll join 3 tribes of new players in one of our most treacherous locations yet, the Philippines. Here, thousands of islands scattered over the southwest Asian sea, hide a dark and sinister secret. The waters are teeming with ravenous sharks and the land provides no refuge. Deadly snakes rule the jungles and the furious storms can break even the strongest of spirits.

“This time will the veterans survive the elements AND the vote in order to claim the million dollar prize? OR, will a new castaway emerge as the new, sole survivor? Find out this fall on Survivor: The Philippines.”

We only get a split second glimpse at the 3 returning players, but here they are:

The list of those castaways who have been medically evacuated (let me know if I am missing any) is as such: Michael Skupin, Bruce Kanegai, Gary Stritesky, Jonathan Penner, James Clement, Joe Dowdle, Mike Borassi, Russell Swan, Colton Cumbie and Kourtney Moon.

So it looks like it will be three men returning despite the one in the middle looking like a girl (is it just me?). You can count out both Colton and Kourtney, because shooting in the Philippines is already complete and there is no WAY Colton came off the island looking like he did on the Season 24 finale. Just saying, he doesn’t look like he’s skipped any meals recently. As for Kourtney, she has been battling cancer (which Jeff never once asked her about during the finale) and doesn’t fit the profiles of anyone in the photo above.

I don’t think it is Bruce or Penner because I have either seen, or spoken with, them during the time I believe the show was shooting in the Philippines. (UPDATE: I re-checked dates and it seems I spoke with Penner a week ro two BEFORE shooting. So it looks like he might be IN! Yay!) I’m thinking maybe pictured in the photo is Joe Dowdle on the left, and  either Michael Skupin (or James?) on the right…but who the hell is that in the middle? I am baffled. Any guesses?

Read more about the new Survivor location in the Philippines (both season 25 & 26 will take place here) and check out the very first promo clip for Season 25 below and tell us your thoughts on the upcoming season.

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  • Merriska CarrierC:U

    It’s already been given away who they are

    • Jennifer Sakowski

      clue us in?

      • Merriska CarrierC:U

        Russell Swan, Mike Skupin, Johnathan Penner

  • Ellensue

    I agree that this was a very boring game of Survivor. They need to switch it up a little, What happened to eating the gross bugs & the fierce competitions. The maze & puzzle competitions are just a real snooze. Everyone knows the game & the alliances are started day one. They need more twists, like redemption island, which made it a little more interesting, but things need to change because the game has gotten so predictable.

    • Guest

      Yes, I wish they would step it up a little. Like you said, everyone does know this game now. I think it would be a better game if they switched up the tribes just moments before each challenge. That might force more independent game playing instead of the alliance/”bullying” style of playing which seems to be what the game has evolved to.

    • Merasun2008

      I just hope the production team incorporated “balut” egg-eating, deep-fried frog legs-eating, and various insect-eating contests in Survivor Philippines. balut is a delicacy here. Frog legs are too. And in some provinces, crickets are stewed. I can’t wait for Season 25

    • Michaelsosa1973

      I definitely agree with all that you said. The game has become way to predictable and boring. The food challenges from season one and 2 are non existant. I still love the show and will always watch every season. But without twists like Redemption Island… it is becoming easier and easier to just DVR the show and watch it when i have time. As opposed to holding my breathe from week to week. Like i said in my above comment… A season with all 2nd and 3rd place losers would make for a highly competitive and exciting season to watch. Imagine people like Ozzy, Colby, Susan Hawk, Russell Hanz, and Stephanie duking it out. And with Redemption island to boot. I wish there was a way i could write to survivor with my idea!!!

  • Icalltheshots

    Penner’s apparently been confirmed as one of the three. When did you speak to him, Spicy?

  • Carolyn

    The way Jeff kept trying to rehabilitate Colton’s public persona, makes me think that he could be one. But he looked too heavy to have been starving again. But I do think he will be on again, and soon.

  • Matt

    I hope one of them is Michael Skupin. If he had not gotten hurt, he could have easily won Season 2…..I do realize he is a heck of a lot older now though…..

  • Celebrity Smack

    Ooohhhh. Penner may be one of them, “Icalltheshots”. I went back and confirmed the date and it was JUST before filming started, like with a week or two….my bad!! Yay, I LOVE Penner!!

  • FedFan1414

    Really Hope Mike Skupin is there… he deserves it for sure. Was a great competitor and deserves a second chance…

  • maggie

    I don’t think it’s Joe Dowdle, unless someone was tweeting from his Twitter, it looks like it’s been active during the filming. bummer, i would have loved to have seen him back…

  • Lchick0706

    I think that they should have a season where all of the contestants that were eliminated first come back and face each other. We don’t really know too much about them and don’t have any idea how they play the game because they weren’t given a fair chance.

    • vee

      i said the same thing! i was thinking first out’s and injured people and then i saw that 3 injured people were coming back and i was super excited. maybe they’ll do this for another season. 30 is the next big milestone, that would be amazing!

      • Sade

        Supposedly, 30 is the last season. And supposedly, the returnees here are Michael Skupin, Russell Swan, and Jon Penner.

        Who really knows, though!

    • surviveeee

      i thought that aswell

    • Brandib74

      I also think it would be great to have everyone that was eliminated first come back. Of course it would stink to be known as the one who got voted off first twice.

  • Season24

    Just because Colton looked fat it doesn’t mean he wasn’t on season 25.. maybe he was the first one voted off.

  • Bb Barrington

    what if at tribal council the person voted off, could challenge any person to a game/challenge and have the chance stay in the game…? Now that will be a sure switch up

    • guest

      um there’s something called REDEMPTION ISLAND LOL.

  • Person

    The rumor I hear is that it’s Penner, Swan, and Skupin. This rumor existed before the finale, which leads me to believe that it isn’t made up. For now that’s who I’m going with.

  • Halfiepint

    Mike Skupin, from back when Survivor was still Survivor. When it was cast by mainstream Americans, instead of unemployed models/actors…

  • Xracerandrew

    The picture of the 3 are just stand-ins, models. They don’t use actual contestants for those promos of the intro of the show when someone is shown holding the torch. Forget the picture. It won’t help.

    • Bkreicar

      that’s what I thought as well

  • Cde_evin

    rumors going around are mike skupin, john penner, and russelL swan

  • Volsfan4life88

    It’s Michael skupin russell swan and Jonathan pennard

  • alana

    colton was fat as hes not on it

  • Aceofspadeshooks

    Colton should not be on the list. He has admitted to quitting but using an illness to get off the show without looking bad.

  • QuakertownBob

    they have to do something as last years show was the worst one ever.

    • Andrew Hanson

      Obviously you’ve forgotten about Redemption Island… that was the worst season ever… At least One World there was more than 1 person attempting to play the game.

  • Connie Thurman

    we need the old school survivor game for sure come on they got way too much food good’s, tools, you name it it could be a motel 6 around da bend for them next season get back to surviving it all fighting for food & other goods make it where only the winner gets da prize no one else & what would be great is to have all da other players have to sit back & watch da winner enjoy the rewards no sharing even if you win a tarp da tarp is only da winners to use! That would cause a stir in camp for sure! NO MORE SILVER PLATTER GAMES PLEASE!!!!

  • Sky Satterstrom

    I agree that neither Courtney nor Colton will be back- exact same thought about Colton- no way he just got back from filming. I think Penner is definitely in (YAY)…he just started a twitter account about a week or so ago, which would be VERY coincidental timing if he wasn’t going to be in Philippines. And I keep hearing chatter about one of the evacuees being someone who deserved a second chance a long time ago…I’m thinking that’s Michael. And I don’t know if the third will be Russell Swan or Joe Dowdle…but Bruce, Gary and M. Borassi are all 60+ so I think we can eliminate them from consideration. I”m doubtful that James will return, but would love it if he did!!

  • Sky Satterstrom

    I agree that neither Courtney nor Colton will be back- exact same thought about Colton- no way he just got back from filming. I think Penner is definitely in (YAY)…he just started a twitter account about a week or so ago, which would be VERY coincidental timing if he wasn’t going to be in Philippines. And I keep hearing chatter about one of the evacuees being someone who deserved a second chance a long time ago…I’m thinking that’s Michael. And I don’t know if the third will be Russell Swan or Joe Dowdle…but Bruce, Gary and M. Borassi are all 60+ so I think we can eliminate them from consideration. I”m doubtful that James will return, but would love it if he did!!

  • Buffy

    i agree about the photo, there models so it wont help to look at the picture, but i was thinking what about Survivor: Fiji when they originally were going to start with 20 but one girl had a panic attack and they had to take her out (yes she was never in the game, technically) but it would be nice to see one girl come back next season haha! cos Kourtney is out :( poor thing hope she gets better!

  • Guest

    Not to mention Colton was “tweeting” on his Twitter account during the times they claimed to have been filming the upcoming season.

  • Npoole

    I miss the old survivors also! Eating bugs etc etc. Much better challenges back then also and not all these boring puzzles! get rid of the damn puzzles people! Also, go back to showing how they actually have to live out there in the jungle (i.e. going to the bathroom, etc etc) Jeff and Mark Burnett should go back to the first 10 seasons of survivor and take notes from those cuz the last 10+ haven’t been haalf as good. just look at your audience going down down down!!!!!!! snap it up guys. i have been a survivor fan since day one but miss the older episodes big time!!!!!!

  • worldofdeath321

    they film survivor 2 times in the summer it is not already filmed so you info is invalid

  • Stardustvideo

    I spent six years in the Philippines. The snakes, especially the kraits can be a serious problem. Looking for ward to 25 and 26

  • Michaelsosa1973

    I think a season of all second and third place losers would be a great idea. This would allow a comeback chance for people like that Susan Hawk, Colby and Russell Hanz. And seeing how they all lost within the closest reach of the million dollars… I am certain they would all be fighting mad to win. Which would make for a very exciting season.

  • Cthulhu

    I don’t think that the players in that picture are actually the returning players. They’re probably just stand-ins. I don’t think that they would show the real returning players.

  • Bkreicar

    i wasn’t aware that they showed the actual members in those previews.

  • Alexi

    i was hoping James would be back. True he’s played 3 times, but the second two he was evacuated because of his finger and knee. he was voted off once with 2 idols in his pocket and never truly had a chance to give it everything he had after that. Rob played 4 times even though he was able to finish the game every single time. BRING BACK JAMES!!! :D

    • Alexi

      None of the 3 guys there look like they have even half of Jame’s muscle mass XD

  • Swoosh9138

    Obviously the three “models” in that picture aren’t the 3 returning cast members.

  • Leevmealone

    Really! hope for better than the Kim show. after the Rob Mariano show, it’s hard to come up with better. Rob topped all of them! A “if there ever could be) “perfect” game!

  • Janetogburn

    Both myself and my husband are fans of survivor and amazing race. We would love to see a power couples survivor with the couples competing against each other in the final four or two for a million dollars and bragging rights for the rest of their most likely doomed after survivor marriage. I would still be up for the challenge. I would love to see rob and amber playing again together also!

  • Rhonda D.

    I would LOVE to see a “Couple’s” Survivor.
    ….or brothers/sisters, Father/Son, Mother/Daughter teams etc.
    I’m sure they’ve already thought of this….it would really shake things up…especially if someone broke alliances with their own family!!

  • Ladythatlaughs

    How about they get the relatives that got to visit to be contestants. I’m sure there are plenty that have their own ideas of how the game should have been played.

  • Ccis2981

    Its Russel in the middle, joined by Skupin and Penner hopefully.

  • Tim

    Thankfully no Colton. My wife and I tuned ours last season the moment we saw Survivor had become Glee.

  • Sdasda

    Survivor with no RUSSEL HANTZ IS NO SURVIVOR

  • Devo

    i think they should have a Survivor of all and just the “Hanz’s family”, mothers, fathers, sisters brothers, grandmas and grandpas, the whole dang family, it would be interesting to see how much backstabbing would go on , which would be a buttload!

  • Emily Iverson

    I think they should stop giving them food and putting them in tropical locations. It is ridiculous. How about survivor Antarctic? Drop them off in their underwear and let them catch penguins for food and clothing.

  • ToryKnowsWhatsUp

    I am so tired of the Producers selecting attractive men/women with 0 personalities or survival skills. I find seasons most interesting when they cast people who can compete and are real – please no more fake beauty queens with agendas of using Reality TV to springboard some imaginary career.