Survivor 27 Rumor: Returning Players vs. Their Families?

Is CBS going to recycle their players AGAIN?

Survivor 27 Rumor: Returning Players vs. Their Families?

Survivor Caramoan isn’t even over yet and already we are hearing rumors/spoilers about Survivor Season 27!

Now, of course none of this is set in stone, at this point it is purely speculation, but the buzz going around is that Survivor 27 will involve past players AND their families. Not great news for those of us hoping CBS will stop recycling players over, and over, and over again.

Apparently multiple former castaways have been approached by CBS for Season 27 and all have the same stories. So it looks like CBS may be serious about executing this idea. No one seems sure if the family members/former castaways would be on opposite tribes or playing together, but I’d guess it would be a little bit of both with merges and all.

Survivor fans, I would love to hear your thoughts on this latest rumor. Do you love it, do you hate it? Would it make for a great – or terrible – season? Are you tired of returning players or do you like seeing past contestants on the show? 

Personally, I am tired of it! No question, CBS brings people back I like (or don’t like) but that’s besides the point. This has turned into an EVERY season thing the past few years. What happened to bringing in all new people? And I don’t want to hear it’s about ratings, CBS’ casting should be strong enough to find big personalities who will draw viewers in. You can’t tell me there are only a few dozen entertaining people in this crazy world, cripes.


  • AnnieO

    It will be a bust with families. TAR tried it and didn’t go over very well.

  • Wes Dorne

    This is probably the worst Survivor idea I’ve heard about in awhile. What makes TPTB think we want to see the same castaways again for the 3rd and maybe 4th times and their lame family members? This wreaks of them trying to get Russell on again. I just don’t get it. Let’s have 2-3 seasons of fresh casts and then do something special. Have Survivor 27, 28 and 29 be newbies then go all out with Survivor 30. Easy, done!

    • Lorraine Wales-Tinney

      Tired of who they bring back. Boring ! Let new people have a chance.

  • Eric Lecuyer

    It’s just another excuse to cast the Hantz again. Ugh, disgusting.

  • Rob

    I agree with Eric. They’d probably want to bring back Boston Rob and Amber too. This is the stupidest thing yet. CBS just needs to cut through all the BS and take all former, housemates from BB, castaways from Survivor and racers from TAR and have them battle it out in a combo of the 3 shows and be done with it.

  • Bloggergal

    Missed you at Reality Rally Spicy!

    • spicy_pants

      Such a great event! Hope you had fun!!

  • Jim Gallagher

    This is a dreadful, terrible, repulsive idea. When Jeff encourages people to send in their audition videos each cycle, I really have to wonder what he’s thinking since they CLEARLY don’t look at them. Hell, 26.78% of all contestants are from California. They find people like Reynold walking down the street in Los Angeles or in the clubs.

  • gaborrr

    Same survivors again and again?? Haha of Course!! Its true Spicy – only a few interesting folks out there – since they don’t know about peeps like you who would make us laugh, love, and smile!! Sounds like more Hanz Fest and the more it will be critiqued the more time they will come back just because of the non-stop discussions..

  • Bo Egnor

    I seriously don’t see this happening.

  • prettyplainjo

    When reality tv was fresh and new it was addicting to watch regular people in interesting situations. Unfortunately reality tv has grown into an industry of its own with regular employees and those employees are not really worth watching over and over again. CBS has really got it wrong.

  • I luv Queen Sandra

    Stop bringing back old players. It’s so freaking annoying. Survivor is strong enough as it is with new players.

  • Richard D.

    You already know how much I hate returning players (unless it is a true allstars season). Give the fans a chance to play! And STOP recruiting from bars, and gyms and modeling agencies. There are regular people dying to play. cast THEM! Rant over (for now)

    • macky

      actually no. Im not sure if anyone knows who you are so how are we to know that you hate returning players.

      but I get what you mean. returning players have lost their spark after the third season of Russel Hantz. They seriously milked it dry.

    • Mike K

      Returning players WILL be apart of every Survivor season until its off the air. The last time the show features 0 returning players, resulted in the shows lowest rated season ever. Returning players bring ratings. If people call themselves real Survivor fans, they’ll accept the new normal, whatever that may be as long as it keeps their show on the air.

      The episode where Malcolm was voted out was the highest rated episode of the season, the next week it dropped a full half point in the ratings. That’s significant.

      What needs to chance is Jeff Probst as producer. He decides practically everything about she show, including his choices of which returning players come back. The show needs a fresh perspective and he needs to go back to just being the host.


    This is just begging to have some combination of Russel/Sean/Brandon… or maybe all 3… please Probst… please don’t do it

  • Ann

    I personally love the idea. If they’re former players that I like, then they can keep coming back.

  • Ron Bauman

    I agree with what prettyplainjo said re: watching regular people. The cast quality has significantly decreased over the years, and Burnett, Probst and CBS aren’t pushing to find more characters. There’s tons of fans out there who would be eager to play, and can bring back the dynamics of an all-new cast. If they want to bring in family members I would imagine it would be family members vs. returning players. This isn’t Big Brother or Amazing Race or Biggest Loser. Survivor’s about strangers competing against each other to win a million bucks – it gets more interesting when viewers can see a new group fight it out and characters develop. Gimmicks like this one need to be left for other shows – bring back the original essence that made Survivor great!

    • Barry Okonoboh

      “This isn’t Big Brother…”

      Actually BB is also about strangers competing against each other to win half a million bucks. Unfortunately the issue of returning HGs also plagues BB.

    • Joey Marlon

      In my perspective, CBS wants to create a season different from the previous ones. With this addition of family members as casts, they might be thinking that it will be less predictable. How? By this scenario wherein family members (although I heard that it’s not just family members, they could also be friends or anyone related to each other) are separated into two tribes. When the merge comes and any of the pairs are still playing, the possibility of a flip is very high. If it turns out like this, this might be a very good season. We might see a lot of blindsides, arguments and strategies. Unfortunately, if CBS wants to cast former castaways and their families (mostly the one who visited them in their season e.g. Lisa and her brother, Justice; and Brandon and his dad Sean), it would be more predictable and less interesting because the viewers and the other players are already aware of who’s related to whom. Let’s see what they’ll do though. I hope they’ll choose the right path. :)

  • Xwiseguyx

    I’d like one season all new and then one with a mix of recycles…

  • Robin Pickles

    ugh if its the hantz’s I’m never watching again!

    • sherie

      Me either!!!

  • Dean Brown

    I actually don’t mind returning players too much… But you just KNOW this is going to mean the return of the entire Hantz family, and as much as they give Jeff Probst a boner, that is just not something I am ever gonna watch!!

    Those people are vile and don’t deserve any more tv time than they’ve already had!!

  • Paula Dalton Bryan

    I would like to see a season of all stars, winners of the title only, playing against each other for who is the title of Sole Survivor!

  • emi

    Nooo terrible idea

  • mileena

    I think Corinne can retruning in 27 season.

  • JDT

    We want to see all villains for a show/season. Call it ‘Survivor, Cut Throat Island’. No one would have the upper hand. Nobody would trust anybody.

  • nnejeh

    I personally LOVE seasons with returning players! Since I live in the middle east, and the chances of me getting into survivor are almost 0,then i’d love to see returning players get a second chance. It’s way more exciting. Look at the last season where all players were new: Season 24: One World, and I guess everyone agrees that, except troyzan, it was very boring.

    Players I’d like to see again and again: Colby, Ozzy, Troyzan and Malcolm. (I haven’t watched all seasons YET)

    • Rhonda D.

      I miss Ozzy so much! It was thrilling to watch him swing on vines and fish and kick a$$ in the challenges.

      Although, I do agree, this show is turning into a beauty contest….some of them are blinding, they are so gorgeous! :-)

      I’d love a totally fresh season with very humble, mostly average people, like in season one. I’d give up some eye candy, to get back some authenticity.

  • Alex Keisler

    I am SO SICK of stupid returning players!! Enough is enough, they never give the new players a chance to shine!! And if they keep mixing new players with old ones, they’ll burn through all the old players before the next All-Stars season.

  • bahstonfilmcritic

    Forgoing the returning players issue, the idea of an all family Survivor is pretty interested. So often the season comes down to one good episode – the merge. After that it’s a Pagonging where alliances can’t be broken. If any remaining players had a counterpart on the other side it might make for a more dynamic situation.

    I also like the way it might influence pre-merge voting. For example, if your loved one leaves the other tribe that is a reason to keep you around. You will be less of a threat to flip… Or maybe more of a liability as you’ll have no chance to pull a number from the opposite tribe. :)

  • johnny ranger

    Love to see a Survivor Season of Redemption where the castaways that return were voted out within the first 5 votes… those are the people I’d like to see play the game. We as viewers never got to know them very well, and I’m sure there would be quite a few who would want to return for Redemption!

  • johnny ranger

    Or it would be cool to have one tribe of castaways who were voted out within the first 5 votes, and the other tribe being castaways who made it to the top 5 before being voted out…. or even mix them up….. that would make for a cool show. But I”m all for a show of all new contestants! I”m sure there are quite a few people who have lost their jobs, or who are on social assistance who would be hungry for that prize…. start scouting now!

  • johnny ranger

    It would be kinda cool if CBS posted a list of 50 former players and the public could vote as to who they would like to see back on the show…. when Boston Rob and Jonathan Penner came back for the 3rd time I was hoping they were going to be voted out immediately. Enough with the smug players… bring back some crazy players. (and not the Hantz guys.)

    • Rhonda D.

      Oh, I am so tired of Johnathan Penner. The first time around, he was called the *cancer* of the tribe with all his shady tricks and then somehow he gets pulled back to be a hero or something…. seems very odd to me!

  • johnny ranger

    Why not change up the whole concept? Bring them to the American or Canadian wilderness… it will be colder, and more difficult… I”m not saying winter survivor… but the water is colder this side of the Pacific. Although the exotic locations are nice… it would make the show more interesting, and be a great way to increase tourism….

    • Dan Daughtry

      Yeah, but they wouldn’t be able to run around half naked.

  • ddddd

    I would like to see a season with four ‘duos’ from previous survivor seasons on each tribe. Eg Pete & Abi; Tom & Ian; Eliza & Ami etc. I also want to see Brenda, Todd and Stephen all play again.

    • kg

      brenda play again? are you even watching caramoan?

      • Lll

        Yup. And Brenda should come back. She was robbed.

  • Greg Makos

    Listen…they can bring back former players but only after 4 or 5 seasons with all new cast members. Also, going forward they should only be able to come back and play survivor 1 additional time, no bringing people back 3 times or more. Let the casting crew do their job and bring in new faces for America to fall in love with and enjoy. I even threw my name in the running with an application video.

  • Greg Makos

    This family members idea with returning members just doesn’t seem like a wise idea at all. I have watched every season of Survivor and I think all of the returning members has taken some of the excitement out of the show.

  • Dazed

    To me returning players means better gameplay, so its all good. Well i mean good players returning…. No brandon eric or philip again please!

  • F13rc3dr4g0n

    I’ve been wanting to get on Survivor for a LONG time, but I refuse to even audition when I hear that players are returning. I don’t want to play with/against a returning player, no matter how good, evil, smart, dumb, good looking or ugly the person is. I want to play with all new people. When CBS is willing to cast new players, they can call me.

    • bjrmjasp

      I think they’ll make do without you. They never seem to have a shortage of people that want to play and get the opportunity, even if it is against returning players.

    • Don

      As if that makes them tremble in fear.

  • johnny ranger

    All I can say is they better not be bringing back ANYBODY else for the third, or groan, 4th time! The ratings will sliiiiidddddeeeee cuz nobody wants to see any more of these entitled bores play…

  • Chad Kincaid

    Denied…again. I have been trying to get on this show…(applied four times). Seriously though…I have that drive and passion. Give the chance for fans to play…really.

    • Rhonda D.

      Keep applying!! I’ll make a wish for you….they always come true !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fan#!

    I am probably one of survivors biggest fans, and i will stop watching the show if they carry out the returning players vs their families. It is so stupid, most families (with hantz as an exception) would probably try and work together to get the money, and then split it. Some families might also get torn apart by all the stress that come with survivor. I loved seasons like the amazon and cook islands because they were fresh.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    A tired idea.

  • Ally

    I love Survivor, but I hate this idea. Part of the game is forming relationships with new people and feeling completely isolated from family members. Additionally, viewers will be at a disadvantage, because prior relationships the Survivors have with their family members will be unknown to us. I am with those arguing for a season of all new players. We need to see some fresh faces!

  • Jeff

    I was glad to see Michael Skupin finally get his shot, but I’d like to see a new cast for 27-29 with an epic season 30 All-Star season.

  • BooRadley

    The ratings thing isn’t about how interesting the people are. Its about making it easier for casual viewers to feel invested enough in the season to come back week after week.

    In a cast of all new people, that emotional investment has to be built with the audience from scratch. The audience is less willing to make an effort now, since the novelty of the show has worn off and they’ve seen plenty of similar characters before. This makes production’s job MUCH more difficult.

    In the case of returning players, people are more compelled to watch, continuing the stories of characters that they already have a relationship with. This isn’t exclusive to Survivor, either. Its the reason “The Apprentice” is now “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Its why “The Challenge” is much more widely viewed than “The Real World.”

    I wish they would at least alternate between all-new and returning player seasons, but blaming it on lazy casting or production incompetence or whatever is pretty off the mark

  • Matt

    My ideas for a great season of survivor:

    1) a no brainer, and probably an already discussed idea…a champions only season Get 16-18 champions and have them duke it out.

    2) Get 9 married/dating/engaged couples, and split each couple and put one of them on each tribe. BUT, the gimmick is you tell ALL of the couples that they are a secret couple on the island, and that no-one knows they are married/dating/engaged. Obviously their goal would be to get to the merge and team up at that point. Every couple would think they are pulling one over on everyone else since they have this secret alliance with someone on the other tribe. But the jokes on them because EVERYONE has that going for them.

    I think either of the above two scenarios would make for a fascinating season of survivor.

    • Rhonda D.

      I REALLY like that idea…..there would be so much paranoia! …..and imagine how hard it would be to pretend you don’t know someone else there.

    • ryan

      My father and I have been saying this for years only parents and siblings etc

  • David Kinney

    I would like it to see how a person would cut out their family member for a million. but like many other fans of the show, kind of tired of returning castaways and taking up half the show. Maybe only have one or two come back to help the tribes. Find new twists on redemption island or something. Still can’t wait for each new season but the twists need to get better to keep people interested. I don’t want to see survivor go off the air because people are not watching it.

  • Jordan Chong

    All new players please!! Only way I wanna see returners back is if it’s All Winners Season or New School All stars vs Old School All Stars. But lets see some new blood in there!!

  • denise

    they need to stop bringing people back its getting old more returning players will cause me not to watch anymore

  • Turtlepea

    It doesn’t seem a bad idea until it dawns on me they Rupert might come back – please NOOO Rupert or his family. I’m not worried about the Hantz’s as they have clearly worn out their welcome and about time

  • Svfan

    Agreeeeeeed . . . we need some new blood!!!!!!!!!

  • Turtlepea

    They have always put together a quality production, so I will have to trust them on this. The game is constantly evolving and I’ve always wondered how it would pan out amongst people that know each other well – if this is the case then its going to be interesting and dynamic. Of course I agree that there are thousands of fans out there who are eager to play the game and they should be given a chance. I do admit, on the other hand how much easier it is as a viewer to watch a season opener now that there is somebody there I already know. As much as I love this game and the TV show I always found the season openers a bit hard going, trying to get to know everyone – the addition of a returning player or two has made it less like a “chore” to watch episode one. I look forward to blood vs water such as any true fan would.

  • andreas

    The BEST MOVES in survivor history happened in seasons where we had returning players.

  • sherie

    new people!!!! Tired of same old story

  • Rhonda D.

    Every time I watch Survivor, I wonder what is going on with the people voted off. are they still on the island? Do they get together and talk, and eat, etc?

    Now, why can’t there be a web based show where we get to hear what’s going on with them after they are voted out , and maybe there could be multiple competitions between them until only two of them are left and the people still on the island would be forced to VOTE and see which one has to come back.

    I think this would drive them all a little crazy!

  • Nadia Castro

    i wish all those winners would return ! like pavarty she is my all time fav!

  • Avery

    I think it will be family members on one team vs people who are in a relationship on the other team!

  • Justin Jones

    I also heard that Redemption Island is back for this season……. and season 28. Is it just an excuse for the producers to bring back Malcom in S28, and make sure he finally wins. I dont know whats up with Jeff and his obsession with all these dudes (Phillip, Rupert, Malcom, Boston Rob, Russell, Colby)…. Not even 1 single girl. Maybe Jerri and Stephenie, but you can clearly see that Jeff is making a weak cast to make sure his favourites win (Look at the dumbasses from S22. Rob easily outsmarted them, and that is also what Jeff wanted. He handed Rob the win from the beginning. And I dont want to see S28 be like that with Malcom.

  • Survivor Fan

    I prefer to have all new people. Those returning players had their shot at it. Let someone else have a shot. I agree that CBS casting should be able to find some crazy interesting people in this world. I do not want to see all the same old faces again. it is beginning to feel like the entire show is staged!

  • MagnifiiScentz

    I know nothing about next season and whether it will consist of returning players and their family members or not… but, if it does, I think there is a very good chance (unfortunately) that it will involve the Hantz family. I just finished re-watching Survivor South Pacific, where in the finale, Russell gave Brandon a hard time about how he played… and in that finale, Jeff Probst joked around that next season will pit Russell against Brandon. Obviously, that didn’t happen the following season (which was One World), but the last time Probst joked about something like that – Russell playing against Boston Rob – happening next season, it ended up happening a season or two after that. So, if it is indeed past contestants vs. family members, I would be very surprised if Russell and Brandon weren’t there.

  • Don

    They should have 20 players with AR-15 rifles and 2 clips of ammo and immunity from any gun play they may have. That would make it interesting for sure.

  • Bridget7899

    I really, really hope that there will be a lot of returning players this season. I have only enjoyed the Survivor seasons with returning players. They are so much more fun to watch. The seasons with all new players are so incredibly boring. My favorite season was Redemption Island with Boston Rob winning. He’s my favorite player to ever play Survivor. I really hope they bring Rob Mariano back for this season.

  • Frosty

    i like the returning players seasons but obly wwhen its half or all returners I hate phillipines where its only 3 returners

  • Rob

    I don’t mind previous contestants returning…….BUT…..if Colton comes bad, I might not watch. He is a horrible person the way he treated the othe players last time. Lying and manipulating is one thing, but he was degrading to some of them. They should have hit him with a blunt object.