Recap: An Idol, a Lie Revealed, & Moms

Recap: An Idol, a Lie Revealed, & Moms

Welcome back to Survivor South Pacific (aka Survivor Redemption Island Take Two). We pick up where we left off and Tribe Ozzy (I hope you are all okay with me calling the tribes by their returning contestants) is back. Cochran thanks his tribe for keeping him around and promises to work harder.

Ozzy then has a confessional saying “we decided we’re going to let Cochran try to redeem himself.” Really Oz? Who is “we?” Because from what I recall you were pulling for Semhar and her big boobs to stick around rather than Cochran and his pasty skin.

By the way, apparently there’s a guy named Keith on this show! He and Ozzy were having a nice little heart to heart. I don’t think we got to see him last episode. Welcome to the show, buddy.

I know I keep talking about Cochran, but he keeps being worthy of being talked about. I LOVED his comments about what his mom thought about him going on Survivor (“I don’t want you handling a machete without supervision!”) because my mom is the exact same way! You may remember my mom (@susanorlins) from Survivor: Vanuatu as my family visitor when she had a confessional saying she was worried I wasn’t flossing! I bet my mom and Mama Cochran would be friends.

Ozzy once again proves himself to be the idol master! Only this time after he found the idol, he forgot to carve a little stick with a face in it to fool one of the newbies into thinking it was an idol. “It’s just a f*cking stick!!!”

Coach actually seems like a new and improved version of himself. He clearly has a bond with Edna who thinks of herself as the bottom of the totem pole and so he seems to have solidified her loyalty. (Also, did you guys catch Edna’s use of treemail as a visor? She’s adorable!)

Coach also seems to have a special bond with Lil Hantz who showed his tattoo to Coach who said “but that’s not your last name, right??” Cracked me up. BUT despite having been screwed over by Russell during Heroes v. Villains, Coach decided to trust Brandon. I was surprised about that, but hopefully it works out for them since I find them both pretty entertaining.

I liked the new challenge with the unraveling of the ribbons on the post and then the big block pushing. Team Ozzy pulled it out and then all hell broke loose back at Team Coach’s camp. I have reason to believe that there was more to Brandon’s dislike and distrust of the “trustable” Mikayla than just her sexy body.

I was a big fan of Albert at tribal council tonight. I loved his metaphor of the raindrop that led to the monsoon. He is the strong silent type and clearly has found his way into Coach’s alliance. Here’s to hoping the hottest guy this season goes far!

Didn’t Christine learn ANYTHING from last season? Don’t go out looking for the idol when your tribe knows you’re doing it. Then they will split their votes and VOTE YOU OUT. Well, we’ll see ya later Christine. I certainly could have predicted that one. Your abrasive attitude from the moment Ozzy and Coach stepped on the beach meant you were never going to last long. At least you’ll probably beat Semhar on Redemption Island, but I guess we’ll find out next week.

I hope you’ll all join me again next week for my recap of Survivor. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’m always tweeting about reality tv (and occasionally politics and certainly New York sports teams). Signing off for now, with Survivor moms and Survivor tree climbers, xoxo, Eliza.


  • Marnieengland

    Endearing recap again Eliza. I sympathise with mummy Orlins. For those of us non-islanders it’s the little things we think of that gross us out the most. Things that don’t even register on a survivor dweller’s radar – little things like not floossing for a month!

    I actually believe though that it’s a tie for hottest guy this season – between Albert and Ozzy. For me though, the scene of jungle boy running around in his undies climbing up trees and slithering down them won him the edge in this episode.

  • RJ_Guizar

    Great recap Eliza! I’m not a fan of Coach or Ozzy, but let’s see what they bring to the table, at least some great TV.