Survivor Chat with Missy Z: Week 7

A merge, a discovered immunity idol and a bitch. Read on for our thoughts!

Survivor Chat with Missy Z: Week 7

Superfan @Mi55y was joined by @AlanStraub, @RealityRecaps, @Julsy7 and @WesDorne this week as they conducted a Google Hangout and chatted about this week’s episode of Survivor: Philippines.

It was a big week for Survivor fans as the two tribes merged and one lucky Survivor discovered another castaway’s hidden immunity idol. But did she come across the idol innocently – or was she snooping in people’s things? It’s definitely up for debate.

Other topics this week include:

  • Jeff Kent wanting Penner out
  • The male/female immunity idol
  • Denise and Malcolm’s strong alliance
  • Abi Maria, do we love or hate her?

Missy’s Question of the Week: What do you think about TWO immunity idols – Love it or Hate it? Answer in the comments!


  • Wes Dorne

    Dang Rain! Gotta sound the tribe name out. Beats the hell out of Murlonio.

    • Julsy

      LMAOOOOO I pronounced it Dan Grain! Duhhhhh me!!! Thanks for clearing that up Wes!

  • spicy_pants

    Abi Maria….ugh. Loved her in the beginning & now I can’t stand her.

    • MissyZ

      I am not sure how I feel about her.

    • HoH8

      Ay Caramba…..Shakira (abi) is gonna get Blindsided soon now, that her mouth will be bigger and wider then BB14 Danielle’s when she saw her cutie Shane leave, LOL….☺….

  • Diane Mitchell Smith

    Hi your show..I think Denise is a beast..she is awesome and I love her..I hope she can go far..The two immunity idols are ok for now..since there are so many left..Love this never know what is going to happen..Have a great evening kids.

  • Diane Mitchell Smith

    Love the group you have chatting…thanks Missy girl

    • MissyZ

      Thanks Diane! When will you join us?

  • Rdouvillier

    I thought they had previously dome the 2 idol m/f thing . As I recall it was only a one time thing though and they immediately went back to just one idol. Did I dream this?

    • Wes Dorne

      There has been a bunch of times in the past where there has been an idol for men and women. I think they did this a couple times in South Pacific.

    • Lynda Perky

      Do you mean two ammunity necklaces one for men one for women or two idols in this case three but only two left. One hidden for each team.

      Necklaces not sure but I think so.
      Multiple Idols yes lots of times

  • Eric

    I am loving this season and its unpredictable-ness! I still have no idea who is really aligned with who, feel free to tell me.

    • MissyZ

      We will see who is aligned with who next week for sure!

  • MissyZ

    I am always look for fans to join us. Feel free to let me know if this is something you are interested in doing.

  • Lynda Perky

    I like that they have two immunity necklaces because men as a rule have more upper body strength than women and women have more leg strenth than men. Along with that is height difference and center of gravity. Neither is better just different so I feel that warrants a need for dual immunity necklaces.

  • Lynda Perky

    Missy, love your hair.

  • Ganjasims

    jeff kent what an asshole glad hes gone he needs to learn more about when his tax rate came to be spoiled rich jackass