Survivor One World Episode 10 Recap: Troy’s World

Troyzan Vs. The World

Survivor One World Episode 10 Recap: Troy’s World

Welcome back to Survivor: One World and by that I mean, Survivor: Troy versus the world.

I know what it feels like to be the last person remaining from your alliance and feeling so incredibly desperate so I can totally put myself in Troy's shoes. Also, the majority alliance when they have been picking people off one by one can be so incredibly obnoxious and arrogant. Like when Chelsea said to Troy to “take it like a man.” Oh really, Chelsea? How would you feel if you were the last remaining member of your alliance and everyone was just telling you you were next to go. Trust me, it sucks.

Then we had the Survivor auction. I get insanely jealous every time I watch an auction because in the two seasons I appeared on, I never got one. You know what I miss as just a viewer of the auctions, though? Bad items. Remember when people used to pay $250 for a glass of lake water or a bowl of bat soup? They had all good items so I'll say again that Survivor has gotten soft.

Now, Troy knew he was next to go. Troy knew he would do whatever it took to get any advantage in the game at that auction, so Troy should have bid $500 off the bat for that clue! Christina could have easily outbid him. Okay, fine, she didn't. But that's not the point. She could have.

Also, Kim and the rest of the tribe being mad at Christina for not spending her money on the clue to outbid Troy was absurd. What right does KIM have to be mad at her when she spent her money on peanut butter and chocolate and a shower?? That was gross.

Kat had the line of the auction, though, when she said “woah, there's bacon in here!” in reference to the B.L.T. she had just won. She continues to crack me up.

The letters from home always get me. I remember crying my eyes out when we won letters from home in Vanuatu and so when Alici

a put up her whole $500, I lost it. I can admit it. I'm a sap.

Troy shamelessly looks for the idol. Then he pretends he has it. And people buy it. That strategy doesn't really work though if there are enough people to split the votes and still vote you out.

Then we get to the immunity challenge. Troy gets his advantage and gets straight to the semi-finals and then amazingly Tarzan makes it to the finals with Troy. Troy then wins immunity and celebrates as if it has saved his life. News flash: it has! He would've certainly been voted off but for that win, so let him celebrate! On Survivor: Vanuatu when Rory was definitely the next to go on our tribe and he single handedly won us immunity he celebrated and roared and screamed because he knew it kept him in the game. I don't know that anyone faulted him for that. It's human nature. Tarzan really got on Troy saying he wasn't “noble” for the way he was acting. I guess he could have toned it down a little, but I certainly understand.

Troy says the only way to make it to the end is to have Alicia and Christina (who are quite obviously fifth and sixth in the alliance of women) to go with the guys against the top four girls. Unfortunately, they're too dumb to see that, even though Alicia announces at tribal that she's struggling as to when to make a move. Poor Leif is taken out after not having done much all season.

Will the women continue to dominate or will Troy be able to survive another week?

I hope you’ll all join me next week for my recap of Survivor One World. Until then, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @eorlins where I’m always tweeting about reality TV. Signing off for now, with million dollar chicken wings and beer, xoxo, Eliza.



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    “What right does KIM have to be mad at her when she spent her money on peanut butter and chocolate and a shower??”

    Hmm, I don’t recall getting a confessional from KIM saying that she was mad at anybody. We got a confessional from CHELSEA showing she was mad, but not KIM.