One World, What Can We Expect with Season 24? (Spoilers)

One World won't have a Redemption Island

One World, What Can We Expect with Season 24? (Spoilers)

Survivor fans, now that the excitement from last season’s finale has died down a bit (but not our love for Cochran) it’s on to next season. And unlike the past two seasons of Survivor, Survivor: One World will have no Redemption Island. Good news for those of you who weren’t fans of the show’s sometimes confusing mulligan. In fact from what we hear, nothing about Survivor: One World will be like the Redemption Island seasons.

For starters, the two tribes will be split up with men on one tribe and the women on another. Both tribes will reside on one island (in the same general Samoan location as last season) and there will be no returning players (so much for a Russell Hantz/ Brandon Hantz shootout). Although it was nice having the Russell vs. Rob and Coach vs. Ozzy shows, many fans felt it was an unfair advantage to the other tribemates who had zero experience as a Survivor castaway. An entirely “green” cast will make for a refreshing change of pace.

How will the dynamics of the game change with both Survivor tribes being on a single island? Let’s just say I’m hoping for D-R-A-M-A. The fact that the players have access to their rivals could make for quite an interesting season. The potential for inter-weavings of alliances should be high. The tight-knit tribes we have seen in the past year may be a thing of the past, and I expect the One World factor will allow for “tribe jumping,” backstabbing and the theft of supplies. The reality-whore in me loves nothing more than seeing someone steal clothing or food to stir things up a bit. These sort of things really piss off Survivor fans while they’re watching and it’s happening to someone they are rooting for, but without that drama, face it, we’d get bored. Bring. It. On.

As for the Survivor: One World tribe names they are as follows: Salani and Manono. Salani is the name of a village on the island of Upolu and from what I’ve been able to come up with on Google, it means “stay” or “remain”. Manoro is an island of Samoa and it’s name means, “precious flower.” If my Google definitions are correct then it would appear the ladies tribe would be Manono.

Stay tuned as we get closer to the premiere date as we’ll have more scoop on everything Survivor AND Superpass will once again be back with an all-new Survivor recap live show next month! Featuring live interviews with former castaways that you both love – and love to hate, Superpass’ weekly one hour live show will return, better than ever. We have lots in store for you this season so bookmark for the latest news because you won’t want to miss it.

“Two Tribes, One World, One Survivor.”

Survivor: One World premieres on CBS February 15, 2012 at 8pm.

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  • Xbb2226

    Sounds like it will be a great season!!

  • Celebrity Smack

    Sooo excited for things to be different this season. :)

  • Faceones

    gonna be good great maybe who knows never know maybe not sure well ill watch it anyway

  • Morgan Burt

    This season is the same old Survivor structure but with a fresh revamp. It’s going to be AMAZING. Finally, something intriguing!

    • Pmtysail

      Worst ever…besides knowing the exact words Probst uses in each event….why don’t the guys get rid of Colton. He is such an elitist and racist..which is odd from a guy who is gay and has been most likely had his own issues with prejudice …unless his family owns Alabama. This season is full of people making idiotic plays……Monica should have taken the lead and got the three guys or at least the two who Colton has run rough shod over to join forces with her and the women.

  • Jimboden2

    I am realy tick off our local T V station took off the show for a stupid Baskitball game that never sells out nobody likes them (the dayton flyers come on get real)