Survivor Season Finale & Reunion Podcast

Eric takes a predictable finale and makes it funny, just for you!

Survivor Season Finale & Reunion Podcast

This weekend’s Survivor finale marked the end of a season filled with twists, turns and shocking moments… or it provided us with exactly what we knew would happen all along.   Even the Probster has called this season, “a bit of a letdown.”  Which is why I hope you all had a lot of laughs listening to my more “comedic” take on things, while I filled you in on everything you missed both here and on The Amazing Race podcast.  Now while the winner may not surprise you, the reunion surely will! Jeffy implies Tarzan is a screamer (in bed), Blossom showed up (Woah!) and nobody clued Bill into the fact that it’s not 1985 anymore! Plus so much more you’ll have to hear to believe!

I’ll also be recapping Celebrity Apprentice and I just gotta say… last night’s episode really blew my mind!  You will not believe who Trump picks as his final two!  Now, just because Survivor is over doesn’t mean I won’t still be bringing you the latest in reality TV news, gossip, spoilers and more.  There’s plenty of content on the way in the form of video recaps, podcasts, and blogs later this week so be sure to add me on twitter!  But since we have lots of Survivor finale shenanigans  to cover, get ready and Listen Now!

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