'The Jeff Probst Show' Premieres New Promo

Is this a Talk Show or a Teen Show?!

'The Jeff Probst Show' Premieres New Promo

Guys who watch Survivor aren't exactly impressed with the new promo for Jeff Probst's upcoming talk show, probably because it's nothing like the reality show they are used to seeing him on. But I think that's supposed to be the point.

The music is super upbeat and “tween”-ish, I mean, if that song were a color, it would be pink. Survivor music is masculine, raw, primitive. But remember, this is for a talk show, and the viewing audience for those are probably predominantly female (I'm guessing, I have no statistics to back me up).

The video description by CBS reads:

“Provocative conversation. Compelling real-life drama. Unexpected adventures. Celebrity revelations. Audience participation. And the opportunity to say YES to life! The Jeff Probst Show premieres September 10, 2012. To learn more visit JeffProbst.com”

YouTube Preview Image

From what I've come across on the net, fans, especially male, are hating this new clip.

On YouTube ThatGuy482 commented: “OMFG, no. I love Survivor, but f–k this shit!” as opposed to (obviously young and female)  LilBeck's “Can't wait for this show!! The song is awesome!!!”

So you see where I'm going here. The promo isn't doing much to make the men want to watch. If that's the show's intro, I promise you, he is going to continue to get flack from his Survivor fans. They're really not that into pink fluff.

Does Jeff Probst's new talk show promo make YOU want to watch?



  • Angee_marie

    What network???

    • Corndogger

      According to Jeff it’s on NBC.

  • AnnieO555

    hmm I think he’s gone soft since getting married. i bet his wife picked the song.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

    What the flippen deuce is this nonsense

  • rednerd1

    I like him just the way he is, making stupid jokes at the contestants expense and looking cute… he’s a talking head and not sure what he really could bring to a talk show……

  • Chelsiea

    It does seem to have a “Katy Perry” vibe. Maybe that’s who his core audience is…which would be creepy

  • Ganfu71

    I think the show is going to be awesome! Also, daytime talks shows are predominantly female and this promo seems to work perfectly.

  • Jody C Campbell

    when does the new survivor start and what channel does it going be on, I have shaw direct. Jody c campbell from Mannville ab canada

  • Abaldwin

    I’m in advertising and put plans together for this show. The target is females that are at home during the day – unemployed, recent moms, stay-at-home moms, which is what explains the promo. I’m yet to see a daytime show targeting guys. That said the last time I was laid up in front of the TV during the day, I got stuck watching Dr. Oz, and the topic had to do with women that have anal seepage. Actually set me up for a flurry of Facebook posts that got me a part-time job writing for 30 Rock.

  • Abaldwin

    Also, what dude actually watches Survivor?