TRIBAL TALK: Mikayla and Jim!

TRIBAL TALK: Mikayla and Jim!

Join us today at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET for Superpass‘ weekly Survivor recap show, Tribal Talk! Today we will be joined by the beautiful Mikayla Wingle and the sometimes controversial, but always fun, Jim Rice, both from Survivor: South Pacific.

It’s week 3 of Survivor: One World and the ladies have stepped up their game. Dominating in both the Reward and Immunity Challenge, the Salani tribe gained confidence, momentum, and even a canoe. Sadly one of the most promising villains, Matt, the good-looking attorney from San Francisco, was ousted by his tribe so we won’t get to watch “The Rooster” use his muscle in the game as he had hoped.

To hear Miki and Jim’s thoughts on last night’s episode and to talk a little about what’s going on in their lives, join us today on Tribal Talk! Make sure you tweet your questions to @Reality_Nation or call us on the toll free Survivor hotline which will be posted on the screen during the live show. You never know….you might just win something too.

See you there!