Troyzan Sells Immunity Idol on eBay

Find out why!

Troyzan Sells Immunity Idol on eBay

I had the fortune of being able to interview Troyzan (along with Kat, omg, a RIOT!) yesterday on Superpass and Troy dished to us that he was selling a Survivor Immunity Idol on eBay.

I was a little shocked to hear he was auctioning the collector’s item off, I doubt you could pry it from my fingers if it were mine, but after listening to him talk about WHY he was putting it on eBay, I think I understand.

The Immunity Idol was the one that Kim held onto practically the entire game and never had to use. She gave it to Troy after the show was over as a peace offering. Troy said he would never auction off the necklace if he was the one who had originally won it, BUT because technically it was someone else’s, he has decided to put the necklace on eBay and donate a large portion of the money to one of his selected animal charities. Can’t hate him for that.

Read his eBay posting here:

Hi All you Survivor fans! Troyzan here… Up for auction is ‘THE’ Hidden Immunity Idol!
This is the original Hidden Immunity Idol found by Kim on the Island of Upolu during the taping of ‘Survivor One World’ in Samoa!
This is the real deal…not a copy. The same exact Idol that Kim (in her words) found and hide in her crotch!!! Hahahaha
There are some copies out there…but the difference in the originals(this one) are that they have been inlaid with pieces of Mother of Pearl. Look closely! It also has the blue Salani Tribe color woven in the necklace!
3 Idols were found this year…one by me…one by Sabrina…and one by Kim.
Mine was used and given back during the show. Sabrina gave hers to Colton (who kept it) and this one was given to me (by Kim) at the Ponderosa at the end of the game. A very noble ‘peace’ offering. I hope that this makes some Survivor fan out there very happy! I will use good portion of the money to help with All the animal charities that I have supported throughout these past 11 years! If you would like me to sign it…just let me know. Good Luck!! Oh…BTW…”It’s Still MY Island!” haha

The Immunity Idol necklace hasn’t even been up for 24 hours and there is already one bid at $711.00. You have 9 days left to bid.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this one! Go make it yours, HERE.


  • Andrew Sloan

    If that was a house guests’ Big Brother key I would be all over that. But there are replicas on the cbs website, so i’ll just stick with those for now :D

  • Runaway Juror

    Please follow up with him Spicy and make sure that he donates the $ to a legitimate 501(c)(3) charity. These nameless animal charities sound suspicious.

    And Kim fans hate you Troyzan.

  • Corndogger

    I hope Troy at least discussed his plans with Kim first. What he’s doing looks like he’s saying to Kim that he doesn’t appreciate what she did for him. If Kat and Alicia can get over being outplayed by Kim and be on very friendly terms with her then you’d think Troy should at least be able to be nice to Kim and recognize the very nice thing she did for him.