Villain Of The Week: Jeff “Moneybags” Kent

The Survivor castoff spits on your silly million dollars!

Villain Of The Week: Jeff “Moneybags” Kent

The original thought here was to cite what was obviously the biggest “villain move” of this past week, which was Natalie and Nadiya choosing to keep the cash that Abba and James misplaced in Dhaka on The Amazing Race.

But: our opinion here at Villain Headquarters is that what the twins did was really hardball, but not truly villainous, since it involved money given to Abba and James by TAR (it wasn’t actually “theirs”). After all, losing vital stuff, up to and including passports, has been the ruin of previous TAR pairs. Anything you can do within the rules to better your situation is typically considered part of the game in the reality TV world. (Spicy opened up a great discussion on this matter after the episode aired – check it out.)

Instead, we’re going to make our Villain of the Week someone who probably wouldn’t care if he lost $100. Because he’s worth millions already! He scoffs at your piddly little reality show prizes! I’m talking about this week’s ousted Survivor: Philippines contestant, Jeff Kent.

During his career in major league baseball, Jeff had the reputation of someone who, while a great player most of the time, was a little hard to get along with. To his credit, he kept his inner jerk under control in the Philippines, despite constant rain that would have made Mother Teresa pissy. Jeff seemed to have a good grasp of basic Survivor strategy, but he found himself in a perilous situation with the numbers, overschemed a bit the previous week, and found himself victimized this past week after a coup led by his fellow celebrity player, Lisa “Blair Warner” Whelchel (Lisa’s allies kind of suck, but that might be dealt with in a future installment).

It’s no fun to be blindsided in Survivor, especially by some of the same people you’ve targeted to go. But this doesn’t excuse Jeff’s final remarks, in which he smirked that winning for its own sake was all he really cared about, since he’s already plenty rich. He bragged about having made about $60 million as a major league player, but he still wanted “this million dollars – and it’s not even a million bucks! It’s 600 grand by the time Obama takes it” (I’m guessing this past week was bad for him in multiple ways).

Do we really need a multimillionaire bitching about taxes on a game show prize? Most viewers at home don’t begrudge winners of games like this, even when it’s someone like Rob Mariano who is married to another former Survivor winner. But, please, at least act like you’re grateful.

“I’m a Game 7 World Series loser,” Jeff admitted (this happened in 2002, before his Giants started, er, winning the big games). He could have left out the “Game 7 World Series” part.

Did you find Jeff’s comments ridiculous? And should I have put Abi-Maria here instead, just for constantly being annoying?


  • Chazuda

    Thank you for the taxes you pay, Jeff. I love that we can help the victims of hurricane Sally with your generous donations (taxes). Obama loves your comments, I’m sure.

  • James

    If Jeff’s comments really hurt Obama, I’m sure that CBS would not air the comments. But since his comments make Jeff look bad (a guy who who really has not been a villain during the show) and Obama’s class warfare arguments look good, I’m sure CBS relished the opportunity to air the comments.

    • Osoel

      You do realize that long before Obama, that was the tax rate? I love ignorance.

      • Jessica


    • Nslagle

      I never thought about that, James. Well said! It’s shocking to go to sleep one night still believing that the majority of Americans have at least a modicum of dignity and willingness to work hard and take care of their families…and wake up the next morning to realize that there are now more Americans wanting to ride IN the wagon than there are people willing to PULL it, in a manner of speaking.

  • spicy_pants

    I liked Jeff throughout the season, but found him to be pompous toward the end.

  • Lynda Perky

    For as much as he talked about hoping no one would recognize him…He seems pretty put out that No One recognized him but did recognize Lisa Whelchel. Ha!

  • Carol Loftus

    Jeff’s comments didn’t bother me one bit. So what if he wanted to win for the winning sake as a true fan and didn’t really care about the money. Abi is the one that is annoying.

  • Thatbluesky1974

    I was kinda sad to see him get evicted until he left his parting words for the camera.

    • Thatbluesky1974

      LOL… I meant voted off the island :) I was looking at the Big Brother pictures above the comment section

  • kcsmum

    Abi is mega-annoying but Jeff Kent moved into the leader of the cry baby bitches with his crude remarks. Sickening when I think of the thousands of people who would have loved a chance to play the game. It’s not really all about the $$ but it is life changing for some. And most, if not ALL, others are grateful for just being selected to play. You did good by picking Jeff!

  • Invest43

    This is kind of a stretch Reality Nation!! All he was doing is making an analogy about his disappointment!

    What if James and Abba had not been able to beg for the money, and in the end lost because of the “twinnsies” actions!

    Still not villainous? Their action was not any different!

  • Shaz

    I enjoyed a refreshing change to the normal comments. While most people play survivor only for the money not all do and sometimes those can be the most amusing to watch as they think they can have it all go to plan.. I’m sure that his “drive” to win is what made him so successful at baseball! I even called my husband over to catch a replay of his comments because I knew he would enjoy it.

  • Jsikdk

    This is why I stopped watching. When Boston Rob won, I stopped with that season. The show has no meaning. millionaires who just want to win. From someone who struggles to make home loan payments, I just cannot watch anymore.

    • Lynda Perky

      That could be a great show. They could cast rich people that NEED to win at everything I am sure they could find all the different quirky personalities and since they all say they are not in it for the money it could be donated to Red Cross who helps all walks of life.

  • Nslagle

    Surely you jest! If you opened your windows and listened closely when Kent first made his hilarious remarks, you could hear a LARGE percentage of Survivor’s viewership shouting a hearty “AMEN!!!” (This, of course, being the same percentage who watches our net worth dwindle year after year as the government insists we give “our patriotic fair share” to them.) We may not be millionaires, as our friend Kent, but we TOTALLY HEAR YOU, BROTHER!!!