Bachelor producers suing Reality Steve

Bachelor producers suing Reality Steve

The producers of The Bachelor have filed a lawsuit against Steve Carbone, also known as Reality Steve for his Bachelor spoilers.

They’re asking for at least $75,000 in damages for Steve’s leaked information, which isn’t always true, and for allegedly offering contestants and crew money to leak show secrets, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Steve’s lawyer has responded by saying his client did not solicit for spoilers. This was posted on Reality Steve’s site:

“Mr. Carbone has not received any confidential information from the participants whom you indicate may have received recent emails from him, and he has no intention of posting any information from such participants, as no such information was provided. There has in fact been no interference with your clients’ participant contracts, and your assumption about alleged disclosures of information by any such participants as stated in your letter is incorrect. Thus, there are no valid grounds, or need, for the possible lawsuit threatened in your letter.”

Steve, himself had little to say:

“I have not been served a lawsuit, nor have I even seen this lawsuit, so I have no specific comment at this time. ”