Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Call It Off

They postponed the inevitable until October.

Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Call It Off

In news so shocking as to shake the very foundations of reality itself, the most recent Bachelor star, Ben Flajnik, and the woman he chose in the end, Courtney Robertson, have ended their relationship.

Oh, who are we kidding? Who didn’t see this coming?

In true 2012 fashion, the couple made the announcement in a joint statement to In Touch: “After meeting over a year ago, we have decided to end our romantic relationship.  The ups and downs weighed heavily on us both and ultimately we started to grow apart because of the distance, time apart, and our need to focus on our respective careers” (Flajnik is in the wine business in northern California, while Robertson is a model based out of Los Angeles).

Considering this isn’t even their first breakup, the news is even less surprising than most Bachelor-related splits. Ben originally ditched Courtney while the last Bachelor season was still airing, angered by her apparent focus on winning apart from any feelings for him, and by the nastiness towards the other women that she displayed (which a few of those women had tried to warn him about, but that he was in no mood to hear until it became publicly embarrassing).

By the time the season ended in March, the two were back together, although they never did get around to making wedding plans, which is usually a red flag (Emily and Jef With One F: the clock is ticking, kids). For those of you keeping track, this still leaves only Jason Mesnick as a Bachelor who has married someone he met during his season, and even that woman was the second one he picked. Ben and Courtney did stay together longer than Jake Pavelka/Vienna Girardi  or Brad Womack/Emily Maynard did, however, so they have that going for them.

“We continue to remain friends and will support each other in future endeavors,” the statement concluded, though since Courtney’s “future endeavors” will likely include trying to latch on to a new Grade D celebrity, Ben might want to amend that statement eventually.

On a scale of 1 to 2, how stunned are you by this announcement?


  • Veronicawarren20

    Not shocked in the least. Congrats Ben

  • Desiree Sanpere-Padro

    Finally Ben you woke up. Saw that coming since the first date you two were on on the show. As for Jason I knew he had picked the wrong girl on the last show and knew he should have picked his wife now. Jake was another train wreck with his choice. Brad was not ready and doubt he ever will. I think he would be the best uncle and maybe a single dad but as for the whole family life thing nope. Some men and women are not meant to be married or parents. Just hope that these people realize it before they become a statistic of divorce.

  • Maria

    I saw this one coming; it just took a little longer than expected. Benn chose looks over substance! He should have considered the other ladies feelings on this one.

    • Charlie Toft

      It’s always tricky to refer to “substance” when you’re talking about The Bachelor, but it’s hard to fathom what he could have seen in Courtney apart from the physical.

  • AnnieO


  • Alejandra Chavez

    I’m from Mexico and fan of this reality show. But I would like seasons would be closer to our present day. We are in May 2014 and still in Ashley’s season. Please do something about it! Thank you!