Courtney Robertson Broke Up With Ben Flajnik, It Wasn’t ‘Mutual’

Despite Ben saying it was a mutual agreement, we hear otherwise

Courtney Robertson Broke Up With Ben Flajnik, It Wasn’t ‘Mutual’

The Bachelor villainess Courtney Robertson, who somehow got picked by Ben Flajnik to be the winner of his season, broke up with him, and the breakup was NOT mutual as some reports have suggested.

If you watched Ben’s season of The Bachelor you know that Courtney seemed more interested in getting a rise out of her competition rather than wowing Ben. Sure, she seduced him when necessary, and got naked for roses, but we never felt a real connection between the two. I was shocked that the muff-haired Bachelor chose such a shallow, catty person to be the winner of his heart. I’ve always felt that Courtney was in it purely for the publicity, and once she won The Bachelor she was forced to stick things out with Ben for awhile so she didn’t look like a complete heartless wench.

She returned her wedding ring to the Neil Lane jewelry store where ABC got it for her. Apparently her contract stated she and Ben would have to be dating for 2-years in order for her to keep it. She couldn’t wait that long, so she broke up with Ben, returned the ring, and was spotted sucking face with The Bachelorette runner-up, Arie Luyendyk Phoenix. Those reality stars like to keep it in the family, you know.

Courtney told Life & Style magazine: ”It was a nice escape — a distraction. I was heartbroken and just wanted to go out and have fun. That was it. It was nothing more than a night out.”

And we’re sure dating Ben for nearly a year was a hell of a distraction as well. Time to make up for all that lost time…


  • Charlie Toft

    That would explain her seemingly quick rebound with Arie, and why Ben came across as being upset about it…

  • Eileen

    Oh, that girl seriously needs to be scared when she meets KARMA!