Sean Lowe Reclaims His Virginity

The Great Celibacy Debate: Slick move or dumb dude?

Sean Lowe Reclaims His Virginity

One of Sean Lowe’s ‘Glamor Shots’ and the tag ling ‘The Virgin Bachelor’’ graced the cover of US Weekly this week, and it wasn’t just because the final rose episode is near. According to an insider that spoke to the magazine, the 29-year-old has decided to reclaim his virginity as a born-again virgin and plans not to have sex until marriage.

Poor new fiancé. She must look at pics like this:

Sean Lowe's Abs

And this:

Sean Lowe nearly naked
… without having the opportunity to try the goods. Seems unfair, right? While marriage before sex sounds lovely and like a nice idea, it also seems a little too idealistic and impractical. Which brings us to the Great Celibacy Debate: is Sean pulling a slick move by sharing his new-found virginity or is he just being a dumb dude seeking attention? Below are 5 pros and 5 cons for Sean’s recent celibacy policy. What are your thoughts on the bachelor reclaiming his virginity?

Sean Lowe The Bachelor

5 Reasons Why Sean Should Tap That While He Can

  1. There’s too much time to fantasize. Although these kids may jump into marriage soon, waiting until marriage can put a lot of pressure on a man. It can also create unrealistic expectations from both parties.
  2. The Bachelor producers have given Sean a free hall pass. Those over night suites aren’t set-up with rose petals and candles for nothing. Also, rumor has it that the contestants must pass a bunch of tests before being on the show, including an STD screening. Safe sex is the best sex.
  3. Because Sean can tap three different girls, three nights in a row, and not be called a dawg. On The Bachelor sexy time is synonymous with ‘finding love,’ and thus playing the field becomes acceptable. When else can a dude get away with these kind of actions and keep his squeaky clean image?
  4. Because it would take away more of Tierra’s sparkle, especially if the winner is AshLee. Talk about adding insult to injury. Could you imagine the tears to come when Terrible Tierra finds out AshLee, the very girl that ended her dramatic reign on the show, is boinking her man?
  5. Because Sean is really not a virgin. It seems lame for a man to reclaim his virginity after having many sexcapades in college. What going celibate really means for Sean is more time in the bathroom, alone, and with many tissues looking in the mirror. And let’s face it. If the man upstairs forgave Sean once, he’ll do it again. He’s cool like that.

5 Reasons Why Sean Should Remain Celibate

  1. It takes the awkwardness and pressure off of dating. Instead of over-analyzing his behavior and stressing about when ‘it’ is going to happen, the bachelorettes can coast on cruise control and be satisfied with sloppy make out sessions until the wedding day.
  2. It makes for great headlines. Congratulation Sean! Your celibacy has won you the cover of magazines, and spots on Access Hollywood! Hooray for free publicity and movie opportunities. I can see it now, The 29-Year-Old Born-Again Virgin, the sequel to the The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  3. Tapping it, dropping it, forgetting about it and then showing up at the reunion show to talk about it is generally frowned upon. Just ask Jason Mesnick or Brad Womack.
  4. It’s an evil genius plan. Now every woman in the world is going to want to de-virginize him, doubling his chances with the ladies and making all the other dudes jealous.
  5. It makes Sean the ultimate Bachelor. Have you ever heard the saying, “Men give love for sex and women give sex for love?” Without sex in the equation all the snuggling and cuddly time shown on the show must be categorized as legit—leaving all the women at home drooling and raising the standard for men all over. Yee haw!

[Editor's Note: Please note that the article above is completely ridiculous. Reality Nation is not responsible for break ups, make ups or future pregnancies that may occur from reading said article. Cheers!]


  • Jbmayretta11

    Well he plans on leaving this show engaged so he’s probably hoping for a quick wedding and go for it.

  • Crystal Morgan

    i’ll be the one to say it, he’s allowed to do what he wants, but every now and then shows do stuff for ratings…. i hope he is really standing up for his beliefs but with TV you never quite know. this is a decision that should be left to every couple. and sex is not the most important thing in a relationship,but you have to be careful about what they say on TV shows