Arie Talks About All Those Rumors

How far does he end up getting with Emily?

Arie Talks About All Those Rumors

This week’s evictees on The Bachelorette were Kalon, who is currently filming Bachelor Pad; and Alejandro, who no one knows a thing about. So it was left to Arie, who is still on the show and considered a primary contender, who was left to handle the weekly conference call.

The auto racer had to be careful not to say much about what happens later in the season or exactly how far he gets – though he joked at one point about Emily being his fiancée, something I’m surprised they would even let him kid around about.  There’s also the small matter of the teaser shown at the end of last Monday’s episode, which appears to show Arie and Emily in a beach setting, which implies he’s at least in the final three.

Arie was asked about Emily’s reaction to not quickly being told that Kalon had been dismissive towards the idea of becoming a stepfather to little Ricki. The Bachelorette seemed to single out Arie for particular criticism, saving him for last at the Rose Ceremony. “I definitely felt I could have handled that better,” he admitted, though he added that he has tried to separate himself from any tension that might arise on the show. “I really didn’t want to dwell on drama in the house,” he said. “You have such a limited amount of time that you really want to concentrate on your relationship, and not what’s going on in the house all the time.”

Asked about the prospect of becoming a stepfather, he said his previous experience with dating a woman with children helped to prepare him for Emily. But he implied that Kalon might not have been alone in his ambivalence. “There are still some guys on the show who aren’t ready to be a father figure, and are not there for the right reasons,” he said.

Various gossip sources have suggested that Arie had a previous involvement with a producer on The Bachelorette, and that Emily was none too happy when she learned about it. He did not go into this during the call, other than to say that the matter does get dealt with in an upcoming episode.

As for this coming Monday, Arie suggested that viewers will learn more about “Ryan’s true colors,” and said that he “breaks the rules” in order to give Emily an idea of his real feelings. Someone who routinely drives over 200 mph ought to know a little something about rule violations.



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