Ashley And J.P. Are Getting A TV Wedding

This Festivus miracle is set for December.

Ashley And J.P. Are Getting A TV Wedding

We give The Bachelor and The Bachelorette a hard time for their Kardashian-like track records when it comes to short relationships, so it’s only fair to acknowledge when the franchise gets it right.

ABC made it official Monday: onetime Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is getting married to the man she selected in the summer of 2011, J.P.  Rosenbaum, and the Alphabet Network will be televising the big event sometime in December. No date has been finalized yet, but a Monday night prior to Christmas Eve seems like a safe bet, since Monday is the usual night for Bachelorette stuff, and Dancing with the Stars will be over by then.

The special, to be titled The Bachelorette: Ashley and J.P’s Wedding, will feature not just the ceremony, but all the bridal porn this show has so often promised but rarely delivered: dress fittings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and what’s sure to be a gala, ABC-provided reception (nothing from the honeymoon, unless they’re saving that for the DVD). We can likewise expect several former cast members to put in an appearance, as well as our favorite franchise sibling ever, Ashley’s heavily tatted-up, coupon-clipping sister Chrystie.

Ashley accepted J.P.’s proposal last spring, but always insisted that she wanted to finish dental school and establish herself professionally before walking down the aisle (for his part, J.P. works in construction in New York) . Some were skeptical of them because delays with making wedding plans have usually spelled eventual doom for the franchise’s couples, but they were true to their word. And except for putting in a few appearances at Bachelor-related events, both televised and untelevised, they have stayed out of the spotlight and seem content with having their wedding be their final TV experience.

So here’s the new updated tally for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which have had exactly one successful lasting relationship for every presidential election since they started doing this in 2002. Original Bachelorette Trista Rehn is still married to that Ryan guy. Only one Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, is still with the person he picked on the show, and even that gets an asterisk because he first chose Melissa Rycroft before changing his mind weeks later and going back to Molly Malaney. Our most recent Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, is still with Jef Holm, so far as we know. Ashley’s marriage will thus be the third out of 24 total Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons.

What would you like to see on this special?


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  • Maria Weber

    I am thrilled to hear that Ashley and JP are still together and are going to take the plunge. I was so happy when she chose JP and to see them make it is awesome!! Congrats you guys!! I’ll be watching the wedding!