Bachelorette Recap: Bentley Returns!

Bachelorette Recap: Bentley Returns!

Hello readers!

I’m Eliza Orlins and some of you may know me from my appearances on Survivor Vanuatu and Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites. I am also a huge reality tv fan. So when I was asked to write about The Bachelorette, I jumped at the opportunity.

Before I tell you my thoughts on this most recent episode, I want to tell you up front what I have thought of this season in general. First things first: I think Ashley is sweet and adorable…and a HUGE casting mistake. For someone to carry an entire season on their back, especially as the Bachelorette, who has to entertain 25 men, she needs to be self-confident, mature, able to laugh at herself, and beautiful doesn’t hurt. Ashley unfortunately lacks those qualities. Unlike past Bachelorettes like Trista, Jillian, and Ali, Ashley is self-conscious and insecure. I have nothing against her as a person and I actually think she and I would be friends if we met, but I do NOT think she should have been chosen as the Bachelorette this season.

So to all the females out there, do you think if a guy is hard to get that it makes them more attractive? Do you think that is why Ashley fell so hard for Bentley? This season has been all about Bentley. To be fair, he has made it more interesting so I’m not sorry she kept him (or that he returned), but I do think that after being warned about him, she should have cut him on day one. Period. Now that’s all the time I’m going to waste on Bentley.

Okay, now as for the most recent episode and the guys who are left. I think it is pretty clear JP is far and away the front-runner. The two of them seem to have undeniable chemistry and he’s the only one who she has chosen for multiple one-on-one dates! Also, SPOILER ALERT: Ashley Spivey (Ashley H’s best friend from last season) said on Bachelorette Beatdown last night that Ashley H was in NYC recently and they had brunch. Ashley said it was just to visit friends, but I have my doubts. (By the way, Bachelorette Beatdown is a weekly webcast on RTVZone with lots of Bachelor & Bachelorette alums and ME as the outsider’s perspective discussing the Bachelorette!)

So let’s talk about this most recent episode. And let’s get straight to the kissing. Ashley and Lucas finally had a one-on-one date and the date seemed as though it went well, although I think Lucas is a bit too small-town for Ashley. I mean, he’s never been to New York City!! Then Lucas asked Ashley’s permission to kiss her. Now let’s compare that to Ames just taking control and kissing Ashley in the elevator. I personally am not into either of those guys, but in terms of style, what girl wants to be asked by a guy she likes permission to be kissed? Just do it! I think Ames earned a lot of points there (especially after getting knocked out in the boxing ring).

Finally, at the rose ceremony, Ashley reveals all to the guys about Bentley. Not a good move. There is such thing as over sharing and Ashley epitomized it here. She upset the guys by asking for their honesty so many times but not being honest in return. I was surprised that Mickey walked off after that! I think it had to do with not only the Bentley situation, but also the fact that Ryan got a rose on the group date. I think Mickey just wasn’t feeling it with Ashley.

At this point, as I mentioned, I think JP is the ultimate winner, but I have to say Ben F. is in a close second. Did all of you catch the outtakes during the credits when Ashley and Ben were talking in the voices they use to talk to their dogs? I thought that was really cute and gave us some insight into how comfortable those two are together. I think we’ll see him stick around, too.

Who do you guys think will win? Who are your favorites? Least favorites? Please leave me your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed my first column! Look forward to writing for you guys the rest of the season! And don’t forget to follow me on twitter where I’m always tweeting about my thoughts on reality tv and everything else! @Eorlins Until next time, xoxo, kisses & roses, Eliza.



  • Roberta

    Eliza I enjoyed your recap and your view, I think Ashley is more mature then she is being portrayed, I have felt truly sorry for her and the way she has been treated by the show. She is a inteligent beautiful young woman and they have not portayed her in her true light. As far as Bentley goes, he is a true jerk and I hope women that see this, treats him the way he treated Ashley, his ex could not even explain his behavior and his Dad says he owes Ashley an appology, she is better off without him or his appology. I enjoy watching you on Bachelorette Beatdown along with the others, and its good to have the outsider perspecctive. thanks again.

  • Carlie

    Bentley is a cad in the true sense of the word. What he callousedly did and said was inexcusable. I agree with Eliza’s comments that Ashley was a miscast and now we all know she’s immature, insecure and neurotic, however academically smart she is. The role she has taken on as the Bachelorette was way above her capability. I’m sure there will be a proposal at the end, but I wonder just how long the final man standing will tolerate being engaged to someone with such a dull personality.