Cheryl Burke: Make Me A Bachelorette

Imagine teaching the cha cha to 25 men at a time.

Cheryl Burke: Make Me A Bachelorette

Cheryl Burke is already a key part of one of ABC’s Monday night reality franchises, so why not try out the other one?

The veteran Dancing With the Stars pro was quoted by People as saying that she would like to star in next season’s version of The Bachelorette. “My dating record hasn’t been great the past couple of years, so if I have a chance to go on [the show], I will,” she told the magazine, adding, “I’m getting old, you know, so it’s something of interest to me” (she is all of 28). Burke said that as a shy person, the idea of “having a pool of guys around” seems appealing.

The problem with this idea is that the filming schedule for The Bachelorette typically runs from around mid-March to early May, exactly when the spring season of DWTS airs. So unless a tweak was made to the Bachelorette schedule, there’s no way she could do both. Of course, she may be in the mood for a break from the dance floor before long.

Assuming Burke is serious, this isn’t a terrible idea. Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss has always defended the recycling of talent in the franchise on the grounds that viewers like to come into a new season with an emotional investment in people they already know, as is the case with Emily Maynard in the current season. But Burke’s dating ups and downs have been widely covered in the tabloids for years, she’s already famous, and she’s part of the ABC family. It’s hard to see where a failed Bachelor contestant could be a better pick.