Cheryl Burke Is Talking About The Bachelorette Again

Forget dancing. She needs a man, fast!

Cheryl Burke Is Talking About The Bachelorette Again

Remember those old rumors about Cheryl Burke being interested in The Bachelorette? They’re back in a big way, courtesy of Burke herself.

The longtime Dancing with the Stars pro has told E! News’s Kristin Dos Santos that she has been in contact with producers of The Bachelorette, as well as with other development executives at ABC. “I realize that Dancing won’t be on air forever. I’m taking this opportunity now to develop shows,” she clarified, adding, “If I don’t do The Bachelorette, I’m sure I’ll be doing something else very soon.”

Burke claims she has not been on a “proper date” in two or three years (not that anything about The Bachelorette would ever qualify as “proper”). “It’s something I’ve been struggling with – I dated a few guys over summer – I end up picking the wrong people for me. I’m not successful at it,” she said. So The Bachelorette is supposed to help there? The franchise with more busted relationships than a Taylor Swift CD? OK, I’ll stop.

A source with The Bachelorette told Dos Santos that Cheryl was very unlikely to ever end up on the show, because the producers prefer to stick with their current formula – finding “regular people” who were unsuccessful with the franchise once before, like upcoming Bachelor Sean Lowe.

However, by this point in the filming of Sean’s season (there’s probably not more than a week or so left), the Bachelor powers that be must have a decent idea of whether anyone from his cast of rejectees might make a suitable Bachelorette star. If they are concerned about that, it could explain why Cheryl’s name is suddenly coming up again.

We’re sticking with what we said a few months ago: if there’s mutual interest, and ABC doesn’t mind Cheryl disappearing from at least one DWTS season, it’s something that ought to be explored. What are your thoughts?