Did Emily Maynard Hook Up With Arie?

They were in the Fantasy Suite after all, says one report.

Did Emily Maynard Hook Up With Arie?

If one source is to be believed, Emily Maynard really did have feelings for two men during this past season of The Bachelorette: feelings for the man she accepted a proposal from, and feelings for the man she slept with just before that.

A report in Us Weekly claims that Maynard “hooked up” with Arie Luyendyk Jr. in the Fantasy Suite when the season had reached the final three. Viewers of that episode saw Emily telling contenders Jef and Sean that she was only willing to go to the Suite to spend a little more time talking with them, but that spending the night would be out of the question because of her status as a single mother who needs to set a good example. But with Arie, she never made the Fantasy Suite offer, saying in a voiceover that he was so good-looking that she didn’t trust she could behave herself.

At least that’s what we saw on the tube. The Us source says the two did spend the night – and that explains why Arie was so upset just days later when he learned he was being sent home before even getting the traditional “last chance” date. Reportedly, Arie screamed “You just slept with me!” at Emily, a scene which obviously never made it to air. But the source insists that Emily actually did have strong feelings for both men, which makes it OK, apparently.

How believable is all this? Emily’s physical chemistry with Arie was obvious, but it’s also true that the tabloids have a mixed track record for accuracy when it comes to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. At any rate, the Emily/Jef engagement is three months on at this point, and it’s not like Arie would be the first to get lucky in the Fantasy Suite, only to find himself or herself unlucky just days later.


  • http://twitter.com/SLeigher88 Sam Leighton

    Interesting…if true.

  • Maree

    Arie is so hot. I probably couldn’t trust myself if I was alone with him. I think Emily should have chosen Arie, but I do wish her all the best.