It’s Looking Grim For Emily And Jef

They're dropping multiple hints that the breakup has happened.

It’s Looking Grim For Emily And Jef

Given all the recent Bachelor franchise relationship news (both good and bad), it’s not surprising that Emily Maynard and Jef (With One F) Holm might want to avoid the spotlight for the time being. But while we haven’t had the “official joint statement” yet, both are sending out unmistakable signals that their very brief engagement is already history.

Exhibit A: Both have changed their profile pictures on Twitter. Emily’s pic now features her along with her presumably very confused daughter Ricki.

Exhibit B: Neither has addressed the other one on Twitter in recent days, though both have made cryptic little “life goes on”-type remarks. Jef’s most recent Twitter activity as of this writing was a retweet of the comment “God has a way to heal your sorrow. God has a way to touch your tomorrow. Trust him.”

Exhibit C: Life and Style recently reported that Emily has signed with a talent agency, suggesting that she plans to continue on television in some way. I know, I too am shocked that she’s apparently not moving to Utah.

Exhibit D (the biggie): Jef has changed his Facebook relationship status to Single. That’s right, from Engaged to Single without so much as an intervening “It’s Complicated.”

It’s certainly never a surprise when a Bachelor or Bachelorette relationship goes kaput, but if this breakup has already happened, Emily would be the common thread in two of the franchise’s shortest relationships ever. She became engaged to Brad Womack in November of 2010, but the pair already seemed strained by the time of their “After the Final Rose” episode the following March, and officially called it quits only weeks later.

That didn’t surprise too many people because Brad was always unconvincing about wanting to get married, but Jef, while possibly more boyish than you’d think Emily would go for, seemed sincere about wanting to assume the responsibilities of stepfatherhood. If their engagement is already over, it will have lasted less than five months.

Are you surprised? Saddened? Wanting Jef’s phone number? Wondering about Ricki’s future therapy bills?