Emily Maynard Has Had Some Work Done

New boobs for the new man in her life.

Emily Maynard Has Had Some Work Done

For someone who came into this season of The Bachelorette with a relatively wholesome image (by the standards of this franchise, anyway), Emily Maynard has sure seen her share of snarky publicity in these last few weeks.

The current Us Weekly features a report on the ways she has enhanced her appearance since making the decision to appear on The Bachelor, though since the story begins with the hilariously inaccurate  claim that Emily “may seem like a low maintenance single mom,” it might be buyer beware on the rest of it. Us says that the changes in Mama Maynard include dental veneers, breast implants, and a nose job, though they hedge their bets on that last one. All this was done, says Us, with an eye towards getting the attention of Brad Womack, and anyone who remembers his second Bachelor season will recall that there were as many implants in that mansion as you will see in Hugh Hefner’s.

An unnamed source says that Emily had some facial paralysis in her teen years as a result of Bell’s palsy, and became insecure as a result. But one of Brad’s friends is quoted as saying that she looks more “frozen” in the face now than she did even a year ago.

Is any of this very scandalous? The producers might have put Emily on a pedestal on The Bachelor, but they seem to be going to some lengths to make her seem more relatable this current season, what with her kissing multiple men, cursing, and referring to herself as a West Virginia hood rat. And while the veneers and boobs speak for themselves, she’s hardly alone in that regard.

Has any of this gossip changed your opinion about Emily?



  • K.L

    Not one bit! The girl is still human! She can throw her own punches but do it with a whole lot of class. I’m incredibly impressed with the way she’s handling herself this season…whether she comes out with love or not, who knows. But she sure is true to herself, a sweetheart. Plastic surgery? Doesn’t look like it to me. And even if, they did a pretty damn good job of it!

  • Dmkchateau1

    It would be great if we all knew the dentist’s name and practice address who did Emily Maynard’s veneers………It’s hard to know who is a great dentist to go to…..please provide us with that information!
    Emily’s teeth are lovely!

  • http://www.realitywithoutapologies.blogspot.com/ lisakn

    She’s too nice to change my opinion.

  • belle

    All this enhancement stuff has made her look like she’s approaching 40

    • Lovely Me

      Sure it does…It’s clear that you’re just jealous of the way the work has made her look so much more beautiful…
      It’s a shame that ppl can’t simply appreciate beauty when it’s obvious and right there…

      As for me, regardless of what and how much work she did in fact get done, she looks wonderful and quite pretty… WAY TO GO Emily…