Emily Maynard Engaged, But To Whom?

The Bachelorette reportedly said yes to a 4-carat diamond ring.

Emily Maynard Engaged, But To Whom?

Spoilers on this season of The Bachelorette have been harder to come by than usual — almost halfway through the season, we still don't know who received the final rose.

But Life & Style is reporting that Emily Maynard is indeed engaged, and the proposal took place just after midnight on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

The magazine's inside source claims that Emily is “over the moon and loves her ring,” which won't surprise viewers who have been paying attention. More than one reference has been made to Emily's love of nice things, and the single mother has reportedly been kept quite comfortable by her baby daddy's wealthy family.

The engagement ring is, of course, from Neil Lane (a Bachelor favorite) and is reportedly a whopping 4 carats, estimated to be worth $90,000.

So who will it be to get down on one knee: Arie, Jef or Sean? Or will there be a dark horse who pulls ahead in the end? Tell us in the comments!



  • Spaghettios

    Who cares about this gold digger with teeth as large as Bugs Bunny ? Fake boobs, fake nose , she is Barbie in the flesh.

  • Sandyk

    I wish this whole season was over , time to move on..

  • getalife

    It’s amazing how many jealous b**** are on here. Are ya’ll miserable in your own lives so you go online to insult people you don’t know?

  • Tangie Renee

    I think Emily is very sweet and beautiful and I hope she chooses Sean!

  • Tangie Renee

    I think Emily is very sweet and beautiful and I hope she chooses Sean!

  • Lauren


    • PekeBooICU

      I hear she picks Jef and it doesn’t work out and I heard she winds up with Chris Harrison :( I wanted her to pick Sean but she let him go last Monday and I think that was a mistake and I think Jef isn’t ready for what all Emily is wanting in a family. She likes him for the compnay he and his famiy owns. I feel for Arie if she does pick Jef but all of this I read but some of what you read isn’t always right so we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Grammy

    Chris is getting divorced! I think Sean was the best person for a nice life, however she is digging for gold!