Spivey Says: The Bachelorette Episode 2 Recap

Ashley wonders if this is the worst crop of Bachelors we've ever seen on this show.

Spivey Says: The Bachelorette Episode 2 Recap

Hey y’all! Thanks for coming back for another installment of Spivey Says, where I’ll be recapping the good, the bad, and the ugly of each episode of The Bachelorette!

 I was so excited for Emily to get the dates started but I could not be more disappointed in the guys’ performance this week.  Where in the heck is everyone’s enthusiasm?  You’re dating one of the prettiest girls on the Bachelor franchise ever! Get it together dudes!

It’s sad when I think the best thing about the episode is Emily’s fashion! What did y’all think was the best part of last night’s episode — do you think Emily got the cream of the crop when it comes to her guys?

Why can’t Ashley stop staring at Ryan’s hair?

Why is Ashley so proud of Emily?

Are these guys just intimidated by Emily’s looks or are they the most boring bachelors ever?


  • Ashley

    stop fantasizing the guys are intimidated by Emily’s looks! No. They appreciate her beauty. but just not that into her as a single mom or into becoming a step dad. most of them are there for the thrill of the chase. these duds were cast because we need drama, and Emily can not even draw the drama out of them. so much hype for “first lead that every contestant will be into” What an insult to Ashley Hebert. Most of the guys are just more interested in hanging out together, as usual, in any season of the Bachelorette.

  • Beth

    To the poster below, are you crazy? These guys knew Emily had a daughter when they were signing up for this. That’s why several of them are single dad’s. I think they are intimidated by her looks and just by how kind and sweet she is. It’s not Emily’s fault the guys are boring and have no sense of humor. Ashley Hebert’s guys were just a lot more fun and had good senses of humor. That’s just how they were. Emily isn’t an insult to Ashley. They are friends and Ashley’s guys WERE into her. It is too early into the season to be able to tell if Emily’s guys are into her. Ashley S. has been on the show and this is her second friend to be on the show. I think she has more credibility than you. Kindly take your negativity elsewhere. If you dislike Ashley S., then stop watching her vlogs and reading her blogs. K, thanks.

  • Natasha

    I just want to say you are adorable and your vlogs are great!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JMXX6PLY2XIRDONMIJYYPX7PI4 Jane

    Love ur vlog, good analysis. I think the producers shot off the fireworks because: its been reported Joe has a girlfriend back home and Emily was told to not give him the rose and send him home. The fireworks were like “good riddance, Joe.” What are ur thoughts?

  • Cody

    I thought Joe saying “Come back to West Virginia” during his date when they put their wishes in the clock, deserved to be on the ugly list.