Bachelorette Jef Used To Be A Big Old Hippie

The onetime bad boy has toned it down for Emily’s sake.

Bachelorette Jef Used To Be A Big Old Hippie

The weekly Bachelorette conference calls are continuing to feature men who are still on the show, all of whom have managed to avoid spoiling anything about the eventual end of the season. This week, it was Jef Holm, the skateboarding entrepreneur from Utah who Emily Maynard seemed to be sweet on right away, but who played it so casual that she began to doubt his interest.

But as Jef made clear in the call, he was always interested – in fact, he changed his appearance before coming on the show, in a specific attempt to appeal to Emily. He said that when he first met with producers, he had hair down past his shoulders, “and I think they wanted me to keep that bad boy image.” But he suspected that such a look might not sit well with Emily, who he saw as a conservative Southern belle:  “I didn’t want to go home the first night just because of the way I looked. I wanted her to really get to know me.”

Many have questioned whether Jef’s reticence around Emily was the result of shyness, or if he was playing hard to get as a strategy. He suggested that it was a little of both. “I wanted her to know that there was a guy who wasn’t trying to chase her like crazy,” he said. But he also implied that he thought his approach intrigued the Bachelorette.  “I think it was kind of cool to make her wait … I was the one guy who was like, ‘You’re going to have to fight for me too. I don’t want to be the only guy who is pursuing you here. I want you to pursue me.’” Needless to say, this is not a strategy that comes up much on The Bachelorette, or in life for that matter.

There has been some speculation over whether Jef really seems mature enough to assume a stepfather role, given that his presumed main competitors, Arie and Sean, are both older than Jef and certainly seem less boyish. He insisted that would be no problem: “I can’t wait to be a dad … I want to be the kind of dad who is just fun, who hangs out with his kids and plays with them.”

He was careful, though, to discuss meeting Emily’s daughter Ricki as something he might being doing in the future, instead of something that has presumably already happened if he ended up as Emily’s final choice. These guys have been drilled well.



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