Joe: Emily Maynard Is A Material Girl

He says Jef is his pick to win because "he has money."

Joe: Emily Maynard Is A Material Girl

As we all know, The Bachelorette is a search for lasting love, a quest to find that eternal soulmate. But that doesn’t mean that other, more worldly considerations don’t sometimes enter into the picture.

This week’s Bachelorette conference call was with Joe Gendreau, who was sent home by Emily Maynard at the conclusion of a one-on-one date at the Greenbrier resort. The Greenbrier is a playpen for the rich, and Emily’s comments on the show reflected that it wasn’t her first visit by any stretch.

Joe wasn’t on the show or in Emily’s company for very long, but it appears he was able to draw one key conclusion about the kind of man she might be looking for. He told one questioner that Utah-based entrepreneur Jef was his pick to win. He offered as reasoning the usual generalities: nice guy, good-looking etc, but then added “he has money” as a key point in Jef’s favor. When asked about Jef again, he put things more tactfully: “He seems like a caring individual, and very financially stable.” But Joe left a clear impression that Emily, who has been under the wing of her late fiancé’s racing dynasty family since his death, is not looking to move down in lifestyle with her new relationship, whoever that is with.

As befits a man who barely had enough time to learn the name of everyone in the mansion before being sent packing, Joe did not come across as especially broken up by Emily’s decision to not give him a rose. When asked if he had started to develop feelings for her, he was direct: “No. I knew her very briefly.” Did he spend any time brooding over the failure to land the rose, or wishing he had said something else on their date? “After she made her decision, I was content with that. I wanted to move on, and I wish her the best.” Dry those tears, fella.


  • Jun Song

    Yep. Jef fits the tax bracket.

  • guest

    Not surprised! She is 26 & owns a home nicer then I will ever own, wears mom clothes I only dream of, drives a beautiful SUV I wish I could drive & I am 35! I am also maried,we are both well educated & have sucessful, well paing careers.

  • HoustonTransplant

    What is wrong with wanting the best for your child and yourself? I think if more people thought about this, they would be more careful who they marry. Although I do not believe you marry JUST for money.

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  • Peece4All

    Sounds like Joe thinks he dodged a bullet. I think I respect him more than any other bach of the season.