Recap: Constantine Quits the Show!

Recap: Constantine Quits the Show!

On this week’s episode, we go down to the final two. Is anyone surprised that JP and Ben are the final two? I’m not. That has been pretty obvious since the beginning of the season.

How beautiful is Fiji? I’m so jealous of the trips Ashley has gotten to take with the guys this season.

First, let’s discuss the dates. Ashley and Ben had their boat date. I just love the dynamic between the two of them. They are always laughing and flirting and seem to genuinely like each other.

I know I always reference the scenes that are shown during the credits, but that scene between Ashley and Ben about toe kissing when she is just cracking up had me laughing, too. They seem to be able to be silly together.

I do have to ask one question about the two of them, though. Why were they snorkeling while holding on to life vests? Did anyone else catch that? Can neither of them swim?

This episode had the fantasy suites. “If you choose to forgo your individual rooms…” Well, one contestant actually didn’t take the opportunity to go to the fantasy suite with Ashley.

Now on to the second date of the episode and our third quitter of the season, Constantine. I liked Ashley’s analysis of how much trouble Constantine had buying a house (he looked at 108 houses before picking one!) and although he defended himself by saying houses and women are not the same, I thought it showed that he has trouble committing to something.

Now back to the fact that he quit the show. That makes three men that have quit this season. I am pretty sure this is a new record. Ouch. My good friend and fellow Survivor contestant, Stephen Fishbach pointed out on twitter @stephenfishbach last night: “That’s more than quit Survivor: Nicaragua. That means Ashley is harder to deal with than freezing temperatures, starvation, and rain storms.”

The one thing about Constantine’s quitting that was vastly different from Bentley’s and even Mickey’s was that Ashley didn’t shed a single tear. What a milestone for her! I think it’s because she’s already totally in love with the other two guys and Constantine was getting the boot this week anyhow.

Also, we have to discuss the fact that Ryan came back. Has anyone who ever got the boot been allowed to return to the show aside from Jake Pavelka, who ABC was setting up as the next Bachelor? I know plenty of people have come back who left voluntarily, but coming back after being sent home is a rarity.

They are SO setting Ryan up to be next bachelor! I totally called that. Do you guys agree? What are your thoughts?

And finally, on to JP. JP and Ashley have always had the chemistry and have always seemed like a great couple. But on this episode, he say he ”knew it would be great with his family” — is that true? Was it?

Did they address the fact that JP is Jewish and she’s not? His mom pulled out his sign in board from his bar mitzvah which felt like a way to reminded Ashley he’s a Jew. Is that going to pose a problem in the future? What do you guys think?

Don’t forget to set your DVR! We have the Men Tell All episode on Sunday night and then the finale on Monday! Do you think there will be any surprises? Why is Ashley’s sister mean to her in the previews? Who doesn’t she think can handle Ash?

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