Recap: Men Tell All

Recap: Men Tell All

Last night we got to see the Bachelorette: Men Tell All special, where the men of Ashley’s season of the Bachelorette came back to talk about the season.

The biggest disappointment was that Bentley wasn’t there. Chris Harrison said they gave Bentley the opportunity to come and they “couldn’t make it work.” Do you think Bentley told them to shove it because he didn’t want to subject himself to the harsh questioning that was sure to occur or what? Clearly he would have been ratings gold so I bet ABC tried hard to convince him to come.

By far the biggest redemption was Tim, the liquor distributor from New York who passed out drunk on the first night. He was self-deprecating, funny, and sweet. I loved how he reintroduced himself to Ashley and the guys saying he didn’t even remember his time in the Bachelorette house.

When Ryan first took the “hot seat,” I thought wow, this guy is going to be the next Bachelor for sure. He was making fun of himself for talking about water heaters on a date and boring Ashley. He was headed for redemption for sure…and THEN, he started talking about reading dating books from cover to cover and taking pages and pages of notes. Oh no. No, no, no Ryan. That took him off the short list for the next Bachelor for sure, right?

Then there was Ames. Sweet, sweet Ames. Is he not just the most genuine, sweet, adorable guy there is? I’m so happy that he met and fell in love with the beautiful Jackie Gordon on Bachelor Pad 2. I can’t wait to watch it happen. Love them.

I met Nick, the personal trainer, this past weekend at a wonderful event for Give Kids the World in Celebration, Florida, and I must say, he is a sweetheart. I loved how he spoke up last night, as well. He was the voice of reason. He called William out for his behavior of throwing Ben C. under the bus, and he came off very well. I like him better without that soul patch thing he had on the show, too.

Was it just me or did the part with Ali, Deanna, and Jason feel like filler? It was pretty boring to me. I know they’ve gone through the experience and ABC loves to promote the Bachelor family, but I found that portion extremely boring. I almost fell asleep.

My mom (@susanorlins) and I both thought Ashley was less effusive than you would expect when she said she was “very happy.” She’s usually so much bubblier and you would think about that she would gush, unless the producers told her to be subtle. I feel in the past the joy is often palpable. Not so last night. Do you think she actually is as happy as she claims to be?

Now, we’re moving on to the finale tonight!! Don’t miss it! Three hours of Bachelorette glory! Who will Ashley pick? JP or Ben F? Will she get engaged? Why is she crying now? Find out tonight!

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