The Bachelorette’s Charlie Grogan Has Nothing To Cry About

The ousted contestant, plus Sean (!), spill about Emily Maynard.

The Bachelorette’s Charlie Grogan Has Nothing To Cry About

If you’re a grown man and you’ve been spotted on national television crying because you lost a boat race, there’s really nothing to do afterwards but try and laugh it off.

That’s what Charlie Grogan did when asked about the incident on this week’s Bachelorette conference call. The eliminated contestant claimed to honestly not remember much about the crying, but did suggest the sore feelings were merely because he was on a team with young competitors who hate to lose. So any crying was for the most macho of reasons, and don’t you forget it! “I’ve played sports all my life, and I never cried after a loss,” he said. “I think it was a testosterone male thing.”

One eye-opening element to the call was Charlie’s admission that he had met Emily Maynard several years ago, at a birthday party in Nashville, and that she remembered him when he exited the limo on the first night of the Bachelorette season. It’s not like they had any relationship beyond that one meeting, much less ever dated, but it’s still surprising to learn that having previously met the star of the show doesn’t disqualify one from appearing on it.

Charlie was joined on the call by Sean Lowe, who is not only still part of this season, but is apparently one of the leading contenders. He was there to preview his first solo date with Emily, which comes up on Monday’s episode. “London is where it all comes together,” he said. “This is the first time I can see her as someone I could be with in the future.” Sean didn’t give anything away regarding his eventual fate this season, but when asked who else in the house might make a good match for Emily, he threw out a few names before admitting, “Obviously I’m a little biased, but I think I might be the best.”

We’ll know sometime next month at the latest.


  • Romesick

    I’m all for sensitive men who aren’t ashamed to cry and show their true feelings. (Maybe not after losing a boat race, though.)