Battle of the Exes Recap: Love and Marriage

Battle of the Exes Recap: Love and Marriage

Top of FormThis shockingly explosive episode of The Challenge: Battle of The Exes was unlike any episode before! The episode and the action kicked off in an unusual way! As a huge storm hit the ex’s mansion in the Dominican Republic, an even bigger shit storm was taking place inside. An emotionally distraught Emily asked Ty why he was freaking out as he announced to the house he was going home. Camilla was crying, Johnny was visibly upset, Emily was crying, Paula was stunned and in disbelief while Ty just sat there with a very pensive look on his face. The screen went black and faded to a beach with the words, two days earlier. The remaining ex’s enjoyed a day of fun in the sun at Paradise Island. While Ty and Paula exchanged some romantic words on the beach, his partner Emily looked on with disapproval of the blossoming relationship because she knew Paula would only distract Ty from the game. Back at the house, Emily brought up memories of when she and Ty were on The Real World DC.  Both ex’s agreed that they had both been a positive influence on each other and had a great amount of love and respect for one another.  Later that night, an emotional Diem vented to Ty by telling him that she and Ct had not spoken in days. Ty gave Diem some great advise as to how to handle the negative tension between her and Ct. She took him up on his advice and finally talked to Ct. Diem told Ct how she really felt about him. Ct gave Diem a sincere and honest apology and in return Diem apologized for not being there for him when Ct’s brother died. Both ex’s felt that a weight was lifted from them and they felt confident and ready to make it to the final challenge.

The Challenge

The ex’s were very surprised when they arrived at the Playa Grande for their next challenge and saw an actual wedding set up on the beach. Tj let them know that today was they day that they have all been waiting for and told the ex’s that they would be playing race to the alter.  The goal of the challenge was to finish an obstacle course on the beach. Each team would complete a series of tasks at each station and collect a series of mementos given out at weddings. The last placing team at each station would stay at that station and be out of the game. The remaining teams would move on until there were only two teams left. The winning team would become the power couple who would also be getting a cash prize of $2500. The last placing team at the first station would be automatically going into the dome.

The first task was to get dressed. The ex’s had to make a mad rush to the station and put on a traditional wedding tux and wedding dress. Mark and Robin were the first couple to get dressed followed by Ty and Emily and Paula and Dunbar. Ct and Diem were the last couple to leave the task as Ct couldn’t find his bow tie. At the first station, the ex’s had to dig in the sand to find a box that contained a garter in it. Dunbar and Paula were the first team to retrieve the box and put the garter on Paula. Johnny and Camilla were the second couple to complete the task, followed by Ct and Diem leaving Mark and Robin and Ty and Emily to battle it to see who would be going into the dome. Mark and Robin pulled through with a victory, automatically sending in Ty and Emily into the dome for the 3rd time.

For their next task, the ex’s had to eat two whole tiers of a wedding cake and grab a wedding veil before moving on to the next station. While Paula was the first of the ex’s to throw up, Ct and Diem were the first to eat the cake and complete the task. Diem and Ct were the first to make it to the next station but didn’t follow the rules and forgot to take the wedding veil with them. At the next station, the ex’s had to work together to change a flat tire in the wedding car. Paula and Dunbar were the second couple to eat the cake and made their way to change the tire but also forgot to take the veil with them. Both couples had to run back to the previous station for the veils. Mark and Robin were next to finish the cake, there for eliminating Johnny and Camilla. Diem and Ct were the first couple to successfully change their tire. Paula and Dunbar were next to finish and eliminated Mark and Robin.

For the next task, the men had to carry the women for 150 years along the beach. Ct and Diem had a huge head start on Paula and Dunbar and made it to the final task with plenty of time. For the final task, the ex’s had to literally race to the alter. Diem and Ct made it to the alter first and became the power couple and won the cash prize.

The Game Play
Back at the house, Ct and Diem had a nice dinner to celebrate their win. Diem told Ct that she was very happy that they had the conversation that they had the night before because if they hadn’t, she didn’t think that they would have won. Ct agreed with her but quickly turned his focus as to who they would be sending into the dome to compete against Emily and Ty. The power couple talked to Mark and Robin first and asked them what they would do if they were the power couple. Mark told them that he would send in Paula and Dunbar for the simple fact that Paula was sleeping with Ty who was part of a rogue couple. Diem then asked Mark if Paula and Dunbar won the dome, who Mark would send into the dome if he won the power couple. Mark hesitated to answer which caused Ct to admit that he didn’t trust Mark. Johnny and Camilla were next to talk to the power couple. Ct asked Johnny who he would send into the dome if it were to come down to Ct and Diem and Mark and Robin. Johnny was also hesitant to answer the question. Paula and Dunbar were last to speak with the power couple and Paula quickly threw Johnny and Camilla under the bus. Dunbar told Ct and Diem that he knew Johnny and Mark would have each other’s back to the very end and told Ct and Diem that he would not send them into the dome over Mark and robin or Johnny and Camilla.

Chocolate Face

The ex’s once again blew off some of the pressure of the game, by going out and having a bachelor and bachelorette party to celebrate Ct and Diems win and fake wedding. Ty and Paula feared that they would be going up against each other in the dome. On the bus ride home, a drunken Camilla started to jokingly make fun of Paula and Ty. Once they get back to the mansion, Camilla and Emily decided to take it a step further by dressing up as Ty and Paula. Both girls wanted to put on a skit just to be funny and Emily even covered her face with chocolate to play Ty. Emily feared that covering her face in chocolate would be seen as racist but decided to continue on with the skit. The ladies took their skit to the kitchen and left everyone stunned and in disbelief. Ty was not only hurt by Emily but was also very offended by the chocolate on her face. Ty said he had never seen anything as racist as Emily having chocolate on her face and told Paula that he was going home. Ty confronted Emily and told her that he was leaving the game. Emily told him that she meant no harm and was just trying to be funny. Johnny and Mark tried to convince Ty to stop packing and stay in the game. Emily then gave us some insight to her upbringing by letting us know that she was brought up in a strict religious cult and didn’t even know what black face was. Paula crawled into bed with Ty and also tried to convince him to stay and not to leave the game.

The following morning, Ct gave Ty a pep talk and told him that he and Emily have been doing so well in the game that he and Emily had the potential to win it all. Ty then decided to finally talk to Emily. Ty told Emily that he was not mad about the chocolate on her face but was extremely hurt that his own partner would make him feel like he was all alone in the game. Emily apologized and Ty accepted the apology and decided to stay in the game.

The Dome

Before Tj, made his weekly visit to the house to see who the power couple would be sending into the dome, Ct and Diem couldn’t decided who to send in. Ct wanted to send in Johnny and Camilla but Diem wanted to send in Paula and Dunbar. Ct told Diem that if Ty and Emily were to beat Johnny and Camilla in the dome, Ct and Diem would not be going into the following dome. Diem told him that she did not believe that and insisted on sending in Paula and Dunbar. Diem told Ct that she would rather face Robin and Camilla in the final then Emily or Paula. Tj made his way to the house to find out who Ct and Diem would be sending into the dome to face off against Ty and Emily. The power couple told Tj that being so close to the final that this decision was extremely hard. Once again the screen truned black with the words to be continued…