Battle of The Ex’s: Meet the Cast

Battle of The Ex’s: Meet the Cast

MTV’s The Challenge is back and better than ever! After the ratings gold of their previous challenge, Rivals, MTV decided to turn up the drama by paring up bitter ex’s and forcing them to compete as a duo for the $150,000 grand prize. Before we jump into the disease ridden waters of The Challenge: Battle of The Ex’s, let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how these star crossed loves met, loved, fought and became ex’s. This twisted and tangled web of relationships has everything from scandalous love triangles, televised foursomes, secret gay porn past, feces covered jail cell walls, secret lesbian lovers and enough cheating to make Tiger Woods look like America’s most loyal husband!

The Game

13 pairs of ex’s will be calling The Dominican Republic home for the next couple of weeks as they compete in weekly mind blowing challenges and nearly impossible elimination challenges. The Dome is where all of the elimination challenges will be taking place. The last placing team in that days challenge automatically goes into The Dome. The other team competing in The Dome will be chosen by that weeks challenge winning couple, who will be called The Power Couple! Haven’t we all heard this before several years ago on a little show called Big Brother 9!? This process will be repeated every week until 3 or 4 couples remain to battle it out in an extremely intense final challenge.

The Players





Dustin & Heather





Dustin and Heather first laid eyes on each other while shooting The Real World Las Vegas. It was lust at first sight and the couple was well on their way to becoming yet another All American sweetheart couple. That is until Heather found out a deep dark secret that Dustin was hiding in his closet. The good looking boy next door was also taking it up the backdoor! Not only did Heather find out that Dustin has an extensive past in gay porn but she was told by her own mother! Heather spent the rest of The Real World season trying to come to terms with Dustin’s colorful past but it ultimately lead to the end of their relationship.




Mark & Robin






Mark, a true MTV veteran, was part of the original cast of the very 1st season of Road Rules. His Partner, Robin otherwise known as the self proclaimed “crazy white girl from Tampa,” was introduced to MTV on the original season of The Real World San Diego. The pair met while filming an earlier season of The Challenge: Battle of The Sexes 2. Their relationship was quite a long one that lasted way after the cameras stopped shooting. The loving couple came back to do yet another season of The Challenge, The Inferno ll. During The Inferno II, Robin found out that Mark had cheated on her with another Inferno II cast mate, Tonya. After an explosive confrontation, the pair called it quits.



Rachel & Aneesa







Rachel and Aneesa are the only same sex couple competing for the grand prize. Rachel was originally cast on Road Rules Campus Crawl and Aneesa was on The Real World Chicago. These lovely ladies paths crossed while participating on The Challenge: Battles of The Sexes. The duo managed to keep their late night liaisons hidden from the ever seeing eyes of the cameras and even kept their relationship a secret from fellow cast members. The secret was let out of the bag on The Challenge: The Duel II, when Rachel allegedly cheated on Aneesa with fellow Duel II cast member, Jen.



Johnny & Camilla







The Challenge’s reigning champ, Johnny, is paired with the feisty fireball that is Camilla. Johnny Bananas, as he is referred to by other cast members, made his MTV debut on The Real World Key West. Camilla participated in a special spring break version of The Challenge and was later cast on The Challenge: Cutthroat, where the two met. While shooting Cutthroat, Johnny was in a relationship but cameras caught what seemed like sex noises coming from his room and were able to catch Camilla sneaking out though his room’s window. The two denied hooking up but we can’t ignore the sexual evidence. The pair were once again cast and bed mates on The Challenge: Rivals.



CT & Diem







CT, otherwise known as Mr. Punch your face in, met America’s sweetheart Diem on The Challenge: The Duel. What started out as a silly crush blossomed into a long lasting relationship. After shooting wrapped on The Duel, the two moved in together. The duo made another challenge appearance together on The Challenge: The Gauntlet III. During the reunion show for The Gauntlet III, the couple was happy to announce that marriage was very likely in their future. However, that was not the case when the couple came back to do yet another challenge, The Duel II. While on The Duel II, CT reveled that Diem had decided to put the brakes on their relationship to focus on her career. After a night of drinking on The Duel II, CT got into an argument with fellow Real World Paris cast member, Adam, because Adam snitched on CT to Diem about CT having sex with another cast member on the roof!. The CT/Adam fight was one of the biggest and scariest in The Challenge history. CT was sent home and he and Diem haven’t spoken since that night.



Wes & Mandi







Wes, the resident red headed hottie, and Mandi, the crazy promiscuous party blonde, first met when they were paired on The Challenge: Fresh Meat II. Wes had been on The Real World Austin and had done several challenges while Mandy was brand new to The Challenge. Wes and Mandy had a volatile relationship from the very beginning. The pair made it to the finals of Fresh Meat II but ultimately lost due to their inability to communicate. Wes and Mandy were both back for The Challenge: Rivals, where they were involved in a love triangle with CT. Mandy couldn’t make up her mind as to who she wanted more, Wes or CT, so she decided to enjoy both. Mandi was later dumped by CT, so Mandi and Wes spent the rest of the season hooking up.



Dunbar & Paula







Paula, or Paula Walnuts as her fellow Challenge members call her, usually hooks up with at least 3 different guys during every challenge. It was during The Island that Paula and Dunbar started hooking up. The two continued their sexual escapades during The Duel II and Cutthroat. Dunbar made his MTV debut on The Real World Sydney and quickly became a challenge regular. Dunbar caused some eye brows to rise when he did an episode of Playboy TV’s Foursome. It was a special reality TV episode where he and Pumpkin from Flavor of Love participated in a foursome with 2 other “normal” people.



Leroy & Naomi







Leroy and Naomi developed a very casual and open relationship while on The Real World Las Vegas. The two would “hook up” with each other, while allowing each other to “hook up” with as many other people as the other wanted. The sexual fun and games came to an end when Naomi didn’t know if she either had an STD or was pregnant. After several tests, Naomi found out she was neither. The health scare turned their hot and steamy relationship into a cold nonexistent one.



Abram & Cara Maria







Abram and Cara Maria met while competing on The Challenge: Cutthroat. The pair quickly became known as the oddest and strangest couple in challenge history. There were even rumors of the two enjoying strange ritualistic sex. Abram made headlines several years ago for being arrested and while incarcerated he covered the jail cell walls with his own feces.



Nate & Priscilla







Priscilla spent almost all of the most recent season of The Real World San Diego trying to get into Nate’s pants. During the time of filming, Priscilla was under age and was unable to get into clubs. Nate stayed home with her one night and they spent most of the night in a lip lock. Priscilla wanted much more but Nate turned her down due to her promiscuous ways. This will be the couple’s very first challenge and will most likely be the first sent home.




Tyrie & Jasmine






Tyrie and Jasmine first met on The Challenge: Rivals. At the time Jasmine had a boy friend, but that didn’t stop her from hooking up with Tyrie. Jasmine proved herself to be a small but extremely fierce competitor during Rivals. Her and her partner, who were both challenge rookies, almost made it to the final only to be sent home in the final elimination before the big final challenge.



Vinny & Sarah







Vinny and Sarah were partners on The Challenge: Fresh Meat II. After only a couple of hours of knowing each other, the two became intimate and continued to do so up until their elimination. The pair came back to do another season of The Challenge: Cutthroat. During Cutthroat Sarah voted against Vinny which ultimately lead to his elimination.