RECAP: We Have A Sapp-y Situation

The bachelors crack each other up in Week 3.

RECAP: We Have A Sapp-y Situation

I’m not sure if the hours of The Choice are being aired in the exact order they were filmed, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the show has become more loose and informal as it’s gone along, which has made it a bit more enjoyable to watch.

The four panelists this week – Cat Deeley was back to calling them “four of the world’s most desirable bachelors,” to which you have to say, give me a break – were American Idol winner/punchline Taylor Hicks, former NFL tough guy Warren Sapp, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, and notorious reality TV man-slut Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and the four played off each other very well. The Situation was, if anything, the most subdued of the dudes.

The bachelors on The Choice have caught on to the idea that the “rules” aren’t all that significant, and that the competition has no stakes beyond the one date promised to the winners, so this week, we had The Situation continuing to spin his chair around even after he had selected his complement of potential dates already, and Hicks getting out of his chair to look at the pair vying to become his final selection.

I still think the show would be improved if there was some point to the spinning chairs – this week, almost all the men spun their chairs right away with almost all the women, because why wouldn’t you? It can be amusing to see the triggers that alert the men to when it’s time to spin – Hicks responded to women who alluded to liking guns or being “country” in some way, while The Situation naturally reacted to references to being from Jersey or to being Italian. But no one is ever going to be trapped with anyone who is undesirable, and the show would never embarrass its women by making them seem like a booby prize.

Offbeat moments from the evening:

Best exchange between bachelors: Hicks saying “I’m speechless” after seeing one of the women, and Sapp responding, “You can’t do nothin’ with a man who can’t use his mouth.”

Strangest come-on: Christina saying she was OK with a man making her pee her pants. It appeared she meant that in the sense of enjoying laughing real hard, but she might have wanted to make that more clear.

Approach that surprisingly worked: One of The Situation’s final two, Laura, said she would wish to be famous for being the woman who changed him into “wanting a good girl with morals.” I am fairly certain this is not on his agenda, but he picked her for the date anyway.

Sign it wasn’t meant to be: Hope, who is blonde, asked Hicks if he prefers blondes or brunettes. He answered brunettes.

Update on last week’s dates: Mike Catherwood and Seth Westcott struck out, but Joe Jonas ended up flying to New York with his date to play golf on a driving range. Don’t they have those in L.A.? Parker Young and his date Shannon, who actually did appear to have visible chemistry on the show, have allegedly made plans for a second date in Las Vegas. This would be prime gossip column fodder, if anyone knew who Young was.

Next week, women will fill the chairs. Are you looking forward to this variation?