The Women Take The Chairs

Things get snarky when the ladies do the choosing.

The Women Take The Chairs

The Choice flipped the script this week, putting female celebrities in its chairs and having men making the pitch for dates. So did this experiment teach us anything about differences between the sexes?

It’s hard to generalize based on such a small sample – the average woman isn’t Carmen Electra – but the four women on Thursday’s show were much more blunt than the guys have been about admitting that they were disappointed in what they saw – this was really the first time where we’ve seen the “surprise package” aspect of the spinning chairs come into play. Some of this, frankly, was because so many of the men were “regular guys,” where the women contestants in the first three weeks were almost all bombshells.

Of course, most of these celebrities have the luxury of being picky when they are dating for real. In addition to Carmen, the other women in the game were Australian actress and tabloid fixture Sophie Monk, ex-Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk, and former Miss USA/current WWE personality Rima Fakih. Sophie had the right attitude, making it clear she wasn’t taking things very seriously, but also seeming to enjoy the banter and not going out of her way to hurt feelings.

But the other three all said at least once after turning their chair around that they wished they had not spun. Hope told one fellow that he wasn’t really her type. Carmen told blond Andrew that she really preferred darker guys, while Rima, who also turned around for him, likewise had second thoughts and openly tried to push him towards Carmen (and that wasn’t the first man she had insulted). Rima and Andrew ended up together in the end, so maybe the temporary jolt to the ego was worth it for him.

As far as Carmen goes, maybe it’s time to hang it up? Not that there’s anything wrong with her being on The Choice at her age, but trying to sell the sex kitten image at age 40 makes her look a little pathetic, especially when she’s telling one of the men he should pick her rather than Hope because she’s better in bed (just a guess: none of these men came within 100 miles of anyone’s bedroom). Trying too hard – not funny, and definitely not sexy.

The update on last week’s dates informed us that Warren Sapp and Taylor Hicks may be staying in touch with their picks, and that Rocco DiSpirito was unable to sizzle. In a complete non-surprise, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has become texting buddies with his selection Laura (who really did seem like his type), and she might be dropping by Seaside Heights. He’s not the most selective fellow in the world, but for The Choice, a win is a win.


  • Shanae

    “the women contestants were mostly all bombshells” What the?? What show were you watching?? Not one bombshell has been viewed on this totally boring, loser of a show!!!!!!!!