Dating Superman And A Man Named Suh

Fox ends its summer celebrity dating experiment for now.

Dating Superman And A Man Named Suh

The Choice has finished its six-week summer run, and while it may or may not be back at some point, Fox could do worse. Get some bachelors who can banter a little bit, and women with something to offer other than sex kitten vamping, and you wind up with a perfectly decent disposable hour of fun, or at least a fun-like substance.

Unfortunately, the final batch of bachelors wasn’t the most exciting, even by the standards of recent weeks.  Dean Cain’s only real claim to fame came in the 1990s, and he’s not really age-appropriate anymore for most of the women on The Choice. Dr. Robert Nettles is apparently some kind of New Age-y “plastic surgeon to the stars,” as opposed to being a star himself. And Ndamukong Suh is a football player best known for losing his temper on a weekly basis. As for the fourth bachelor, Tyson Beckford … well, he’s still very pretty – it’s no surprise he was the first man to get a full slate of three ladies choosing him.

Some of the highlights of the evening:

The way to a man’s heart: Bikini model Amanda was in danger of not getting any man to turn around for her until she said the magic words “I’m known in the industry for my butt,” which got the attention of Cain. She ended up as his final choice, so at least we know what his type his.

Alert Bartlett’s Famous Quotations: When asked why he turned around for an attorney who called herself simply J, Suh said, “I mean, shoot, look at her, damn.”

Chauffeur needed: Suh mentioned that he turned his chair for a woman named Nicole because he was intrigued by her knowledge of cars. He didn’t mention why the notion of a designated driver might appeal to him.

Let me repeat that: Neither Nicole nor Jenny seemed to remotely understand Nettles’s last question for them, which asked the women to describe an event that had changed their lives for the better. Jenny cited the death of her grandparents, which wasn’t really a pleasant occasion for me, but hey. For her part, Nicole rambled on forever about vehicle safety and never did get to a point. Robert picked her anyway, presumably because she reminds him of most of his patients.

Not just a pretty face: Few of the speed choice questions have gone much beyond “What’s your favorite color,” but for some reason, Beckford decided to ask Nishi what her feelings were on stem cell research – and she gave a perfectly coherent and thoughtful answer. The audience applauded, possibly out of shock.

Since this was the final night, we got an update not only on last week’s set of dates, but the ones that resulted from this episode. Rob Kardashian was the one total strikeout from last week – short-term relationships run in the family – while Olympian Steven Lopez seems to have legitimately started something with the cute virgin Angelica (no surprise, as he appeared hit with Cupid’s arrow at first sight). From this week, Dean and Amanda bonded over their shared appreciation for her butt, Tyson and Nishi talked about the Higgs boson over dinner, and Dr. Nettles wasn’t interesting enough for Nicole, which is sad indeed.

Here’s hoping we get a marriage out of this show before the next one on the Bachelor franchise. Would you like to see The Choice come back eventually?


  • Damonj2012

    that Nicole chick had huge jugs

  • Pastorkayte

    No! Because no one ends up with the person that they chose.