Who Won The Voice 2012?

Was it Nicholas, Terry or Cassadee?

Who Won The Voice 2012?

Cassadee Pope was named the winner of The Voice 2012 Tuesday night, beating out fellow finalists Nicholas David and Terry McDermott.

Finishing in second place was Terry McDermott. That means Nicholas David came in third place.

23-year-old Cassadee Pope was crowned the third season winner following the two-hour grand finale that featured guest performances by Rihanna, The Killers, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars, Peter Frampton and Smokey Robinson.

We also saw the return of a lot of the other finalists from throughout the season.

Cassadee’s win also means a win for Team Blake. Actually, Blake coached the first and second place winners this season. That’s quite the accomplishment. Cassadee is Blake’s second win in a row. He also coached last year’s winner Jermaine Paul.

Are you happy with Cassadee’s win? Is this the outcome you expected?

Cassadee Pope wins the voice 2012


  • Baileylindquist

    Not fair! She already had a huge following.

    • Nikkibooboo

      umm keep your comments to yourself!

      • amljgp

        i agree with bailey…she was the lead singer of hey monday so how is that fair? freedom of speech here

  • Alreadyliam

    nick david!

  • Missyluv211

    I wanted, trevin hunt to win

    • KKK

      UHHH NO

    • Hate the blackys

      You outta yo dang mind?!?!

  • Done

    No way, I can not believe she won, the girl can sing the long high notes but she doesn’t seem to be able to control the vibrato in her voice when she should.
    Nicholas deserved to win, who wants the same old female voice, we need something new and fresh!

  • Bree

    She won because she is talented and has a whole future in front of her. She isn’t limited to what she can sing, she can sing anything. And those who only have negative comments towards her are only jealous of her success and where she will be in the next 15 years. If people worries less about criticizing people they know little to nothing about to world would be a healthier place to live in. Congrats to her and her bright future ahead of her.