The Voice Battle Rounds Part 6 Scorecard

How did the acts stack up in Part 6 of the Battles?

The Voice Battle Rounds Part 6 Scorecard

The Voice Battle Rounds concluded Tuesday night as the four coaches finished cutting their teams for the upcoming Knockout Round. It was a short and sweet episode with only three pairings, but at least one of those was a powerful showstopper.

The Voice Battle Rounds Scorecard

Adriana Louise vs. Jordan Pruitt singing Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”

  • The Winner: Adriana
  • Should’ve Won: Adriana
  • The Steal: Not used. Christina was the only one left with a steal, so Jordan was sadly out of luck.

Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige with Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself For Loving You”

  • The Winner: Michaela
  • Should’ve Won: Kelly
  • The Steal: Not used

Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne performing David Guetta’s “Titanium”

  • The Winner: Avery
  • Should’ve Won: Avery
  • The Steal: Christina uses her final steal to save Chevonne from elimination

It’s unfortunate that Jordan and Kelly couldn’t find a place in the competition. I think the only pick I really strongly disagree with from this episode is Michaela. I would have  gone with Kelly. But it could just be that Michaela’s hair annoyed me and I found it distracting.

Best Battle Of The Night

I think Avery was really a star during this one. Chevonne was good, too, but I think it probably wasn’t the right song for her. Luckily, Christina was a fan of her stage presence and was able to save her.


  • Eddie

    We’ve reached the end of the battle rounds and now we’re going to move to the knockout rounds next week. I’m glad Christina used her last steal to save Chevonne when she lost to Avery. That means both of my favorites still remain in the game and we get to see more in the next episodes. I’ve been watching The Voice since last season, and it’s one of my favorite shows on primetime. I work in the evening so I record my shows on primetime which always left a mess of shows recording. I would tie up all my DVRs trying to record, and the family would be stuck watching recordings. This all came to an end when my coworker at DISH told me about the Hopper DVRs PrimeTime Anytime feature. I can get the four major networks recorded on one TV and it lets the family continue to watch their own shows without interruption. No more timer or recording conflicts which let me and the family enjoy TV.

  • Hillary

    I’m really sad that Jordan didn’t win, I do hope that she comes out with a new album. I loved when Blake said to Kelly & Michaela to sing that song to Adam, it was funny & totally Blake. I wish that Blake would of still had a steal instead of stealing the other girl he stole (I don’t remember her name) & would of stolen Jordan, I think that she would of done AMAZING on his team.