Christina Aguliera's Top 5 Worst Looks

The Voice coach sure turned out some interesting looks this season

Christina Aguliera's Top 5 Worst Looks

The Voice might have ended last night with the crowning of Jermaine Paul, but Christina Aguilera's looks from this season will forever live on. She looked her best in the above photo, but from then on, it was all down hill. We've put together her Top 5 Worst Looks from The Voice 2012.

5: What is this, Black Swan on even more crack than Black Swan was already on? That tiara probably costs more than my car and then she cheapens it with the fishnets. Now I feel rich and dirty.

4: This look wasn't as bad as some of the others, but it felt like we had to watch those poor necklaces get swallowed up for what seemed like months during the earlier rounds of the contest. If you're going to film something in one day, then stretch it out for weeks, can we get some costume changes, please!?

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3: OMG is that a shower head? A bedazzled vinyl record? A prostitute's frisby? This was another look we had to endure longer than any one should. Ever.

2: This finale look almost made the No. 1 spot. Until she came out at the end wearing the outfit that makes the No. 1 spot. More on that in a second. This dress needs to return to Christina's 1999 closet because she should not be wearing it any longer. I was praying for a nip slip and it almost happened in this photo, but no such luck. The scary thing is, the front isn't as bad as the back. But we can't show you the back. We wouldn't do that to you.

1: And without question, this outfit worn at the finale tops the list. I mean why wouldn't it? What is that? I can't be totally sure, but I think it's a diaper. A bedazzled diaper. I mean what is she, a circus emcee now?

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  • Kiersten Steeves

    bedazzled diaper

  • Introvert

    I’m so glad you wrote this. It needed to be said.

  • Tiffany

    Who Ever Wrote This Is A Fucking Loser…And Those Who Had To Say Something Bad..Is The Same..Yall Can Burn In Hell..Fuck Yall

  • I<3ChrisMann

    Hilarious. Absolutely correct. What a distraction from the singing! To sing such uplifting songs and then wear such clothing that no role model should be wearing in public. When she stood up in the finale I thought ‘omg where are her pants!?!’

  • Velezsm82

    Extremely happy you stated the truth.. She has the audacity to critique a song by saying its “derogatory towards women”.. Yet she dresses like that? What a hypocrite. Honest to God I hope they can cancel her contract on season 3… They should hire Kelly Clarkson.. Or someone similar! Someone who is a true example to women, with no drama, someone who gets along with the rest of the judges.. I personally voted for Jermaine and Tony and wished… WISHED Chris didn’t win just because I detest Christina’s attitude so much. And now I’m happy she got 4th on both seasons.

  • Sweetangel

    It doesn’t really matter what she wears or what she say. She’s one of the greatest singers ever. ( see #58 on Rolling Stones 100 greatest singers of all time) And she made $10,000,000 this season. Don’t get me wrong, I think she shouldn’t had worn a diaper at the finale either, but making an article like this is ridiculous!!

  • Guest

    Her diaper just shadowed the whole winning thing… While Jermaine was singing and hugging his wife (so sweet); Christina’s DIAPER was stabbing me in the eye…

  • Suzie

    Christina’s bedazzled diaper needs to be banned from TV. Maybe The Voice should do the butt blurring technique like Survivor does when people fall out of their bottoms. Great post!

  • Mcglauchlenm

    I think she is just comfortable in her own skin and i give her a thumbs up for that!

  • Hblewisx

    ill still go in on christina fuck what you bloggers are talkin about. she got ASSSSSSSSSS!

  • Gcohen

    Nope. When I read articles like this I feel bad for the writer. Obviously someone has no life and needs to bash a celebrity who may I remind you has won four grammys, has a star on the walk of fame and has been considered one of the voices of our generation. Her outfits haven’t always been on key but at least she rocks it with confidence. What is sexier than that? people seriously need to get over it instead of opening a bottle of “whine”. I like reading shit like this because it’s so distasteful that it’s entertaining people put so much effort into bashing someone else.( SOmeone who is SET FOR LIFE) LOW! so fucking low.